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Zhejiang High -speed Service Area Drawing nearly 2,000 charging parking spaces mobile charging piles to find people data interconnection
Source: China Traffic News Network Author: Release time: November 09, 2023 A+A-

"Back to Shanghai from Hangzhou on the weekend, pass the Jiaxing service area,I found that there is a mobile charging car,Try it,The speed is quite fast,About 1 minute 1 degree,I hope it can be seen more later! "

"No need to find a fixed parking space again,Stop with charging,Service is more intimate、More humane。”

"Rest for 20 minutes,It will make up more than 100 kilometers of electricity,Very convenient。”

Recent,Mobile charging robots in Zhejiang Jiaxing Expressway Service Area received extensive praise。In recent years,Zhejiang Province accelerate the construction of charging infrastructure along the road,As early as 2018, the full coverage of the charging pile of the province's highway service area,At present, a total of 1970 charging parking spaces have been completed and launched、61 power stations,The average daily charging of the service area is 12,000 units,Charging facilities "casual check" access rate of 100 %。

The same power company opens the data chain

This year's "May 1st" holiday,6 mobile charging robots introduced Jiaxing service area,This is the first time that the "mobile charging" equipment that will have autonomous driving functions in China is deployed to the highway service area。

Mobile charging robot has slow L4 level driverless technology,The owner does not need to look for charging piles,Just make an appointment or place an order on the phone,Mobile charging equipment will automatically go to the vehicle to provide charging services,The transformation from "looking for charging piles" to "charging piles to find people" was realized。Mobile charging robot itself carry 70 kWh of energy storage capabilities,Single equipment can serve three or four cars,Even the charging demand of large -capacity electric vehicles that can end 500 kilometers of battery life,Effectively alleviated the tension of charging piles in the highway service area、Questions waiting for a long time。

Easy to serve the owner to better serve the owner,The Zhejiang Provincial Department of Transportation also promotes the integration of charging piles and smart service areas,Complete the construction of the smart service area system networking project at the end of 2022,Collect traffic flow、passenger flow、Charging facilities dafabet online sports bettingdata and other information; open the data chain,Actively connect with the State Grid Electricity Company,Realize the docking of the provincial smart service area system with the provincial power company charging pile platform,Share charging pile real -time use information,Easy monitoring and operation and maintenance,and through Gaode、Zheli Changxing and other platforms publish relevant information to the public。Electric car owners can via mobile phone APP and other channels,The use and location of the charging pile in real time,Plan the charging route in advance。

Charging facilities are included in the assessment and evaluation criteria

Green travel becomes a new fashion,Zhejiang New Energy Vehicle has increased rapid growth,At present, the province's new energy vehicle has 1.85 million vehicles,The proportion of the premium of new energy vehicles in the country exceeds 10 %。With the continuous growth of the demand for charging services of the passenger personnel,A new requirements are proposed to support the construction of charging infrastructure。

This year,Ministry of Transport to accelerate the construction of charging infrastructure construction and highway charging infrastructure "to check" people's livelihood practices,It is required that the charging parking space for each highway dafabet live casinoservice area before the end of the year is not lower than 10 % of small passenger parking spaces,Real -time query of the charging infrastructure of the highway service area before the end of the year。

The Zhejiang Provincial Government co -ordinate the construction of charging facilities,Continue to increase policy supply。Zhejiang Provincial Department of Transportation and Provincial Energy Bureau、National Grid Zhejiang Electric Power Company Printing Action Plan,Established a work class,Clear work target,Decomposition Construction Mission,The construction of charging piles in the highway service area is included in the transportation industry of the transportation industry,Every year, there is a service area charging pile construction plan and assessment target。

Zhejiang Traffic further improves the evaluation and evaluation standards of the service area,Incorporate the construction of charging infrastructure into the evaluation indicators; revise the "Measures for the Evaluation of Service Quality Level of Zhejiang Highway Service Area",​​Clarifying the setting of charging piles as a necessary condition for star assessment in the service area,and the proportion of equipping charging piles、Data collection proposes assessment requirements; formulate the "Guidelines for Low -Carbon Construction and Operation Evaluation of Highway Service Area"dafabet online sports betting,The proportion of charging piles as one of the important evaluation indicators。

Next,Zhejiang will continue to grasp the construction of charging infrastructure in the highway service area,Improve the operation service capability of charging facilities,Ensure 2100 in the highway service area at the end of this year。

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