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Chairman's speech
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Economic Development,Traffic first。Construction of traffic infrastructure for promoting investment、Tune structure、Stable growth is important。Current,Liaoning Economy is on the hill in Rolling Stone、The critical stage of climbing overlap,In -depth implementation of General Secretary Xi ’s“ Four Personal ”requirements,Seize the major opportunity of a new round of comprehensive rejuvenation in Liaoning,Efforts to create a new situation in the investment construction investment,Is the Provincial Party Committee、The Provincial Government has given the Provincial Communications Group a major mission。We will be based on a good basis,Further adjust the development strategy,Change development mode,Integrated resources,cost reduction and efficiency,Pioneering Market,Multi -business,Cultivation Group's new advantage,Seeking the new development of the group。

dafabet best online casinoNew journey,full of hope。We will continue to carry forward the fine traditions of Liaoning traffic people,Struggle with hard work、Style of dare to fight tough battles,Create a financing、Business、Large modern enterprise group with diversified income,better serving socio -economic development,Serving the masses travel。At the same time,Group sincerely invite friends from all walks of life,Plan for development,Sharing cooperation fruit,Create a better future,Continuous development chapter!



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Trading Overview
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Liaoning Provincial dafabet online sports bettingTransportation Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Liaoning Provincial Traffic Investment Group") is through the Liaoning Provincial Party Committee、The large state -owned enterprise group approved by the provincial government。Group Established January 2016,Registered capital 36.65 billion yuan,Total assets 252.3 billion yuan,It is the largest state -owned enterprise in Liaoning's assets。The provincial highway operation management dafabet best online casinolimited liability company is set up under the group、Provincial Transportation Construction Management Co., Ltd.、Provincial Traffic Planning and Design Institute Co., Ltd.、Provincial Institute of Transportation Science Research Institute Co., Ltd.、Provincial Highway Industrial Development Co., Ltd. and other levels at all levels 31 companies,The total number of employees is 21,000。

Talent Construction
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Implement the idea of ​​"talent resources is the first resource".
Implement the "service development proposed by the party and the country,Talent Priority,Using use,Innovation mechanism,High -end Leading,Overall development "24 -character policy。
Five Lakes and Four Sea Naida,Talent,Everyone is talent,Everyone is doing its talents。
Party building

Since the establishment of the group,The Group's Party Committee closely focuses on the establishment dafabet best online casinoof a strategic deployment of the group,According to the "Basic、Out of results、Upper steps "three -stage development goals,Comprehensive implementation of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the Third Middle School of the 18th Session、Fourth Middle School、The spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session,In -depth study and implementation of the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's series of important speeches,Actively implement the Provincial Party Committee、The deployment requirements of the Provincial Government and the SASAC,Based on the creation of the group's party building work system,Focusing on the improvement of the party building work system,Taking "Two Studies and One Do" study and education as the starting point,Taking the work mode of innovation party building as the platform,Persevere problem orientation,Service Center Work ......

Discipline Inspection and Supervision

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