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Henan high -speed high -speed tackling investment inspection vehicles promotes construction
Source: China Traffic News Network Author: Release time: November 09, 2023 A+A-

41 highways under construction have completed a total investment of 79.1 billion yuan,37 renewal highway projects all open horsepower,The main project planned to open to traffic this year is basically completed ... this year,Henan Provincial Expressway Construction Project continues to play the main role of stabilizing investment,Cumulative investment of 80.6 billion yuan in the first 9 months,accounting for 68 % of the investment in the construction of highway waterway in the province。

Recent,Henan Province held the "13445 Project" sprint in the highway in the fourth quarter to ensure the full -year red scene promotion meeting。Member of the Party Group of the Department of Transport of Henan Province、Deputy Director Song Huadong said,The current project has reached the critical period of sprinting,To effectively grab the investment and expand investment、Grabbing Baozai Vehicle、Grasp the early stages of promoting construction as the implementation of the "project as king"、Promote the specific action of the "three batches"dafabet casinodafabet live casino,Fully fight for the fourth quarter、Make sure to achieve "all year red",Lales a solid foundation for the completion of the overall goals and tasks of the "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan" period of highway construction。

Application of four new technologies to improve engineering quality

In the Wuyuan to Jiyuan section of Wuyan to Jiyuan section of Wuyuan section,Reinforcement straight bending bands all -in -one machine、Robot Cluster、Single (multiple) welding platform and other equipment arranged in turn,Methodically performing a full -process intelligent flow operation of the prefabricated box beam steel skeleton。

"Taking the ongoing steel bar processing and group welding operation as an example,Traditional craftsmanship needs to be configured with 15 people,After introducing steel bar CNC bending bands and robotics,,Only 5 people need to configure 5 people to complete the entire 30 -meter box of beam steel processing and installation operations,Increased efficiency of 70 %。"China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd., Zhu Xiaohui, the project manager of the project manager of the 3nd bid project of the Yellow Expressway, Introduction。

In recent years,Henan Provincial Expressway Construction Project was created with Ping An Centennial Quality Project as the starting point,Continuously strengthen industrialization、assembly、dafabet best online betting websitedafabet best online betting websiteInformation application,Boutique construction、The level of refined management is continuously improved,"Four New" Technology Application Fruits。

Jiaoyu Expressway introduces the intelligent construction of the road base、Underwater irrigation piles can be visualized into hole testing and other technologies,Construction Digital Management and Control Center,Improve the level of intelligent management of the project; large steel template for the application of Jixin highway,Significantly reduce the template splitting,Effectively improve the flatness of the concrete surface; the "Science and Technology Demonstration Project",Vigorously promote the deep integration of the new generation of information technology and project construction,Innovative application road tool Tujian 3D flattening flat technology、Smart Cluster Construction of the Pathway; the Yellow River Bridge of the Anluo Expressway Yellow River Bridge develops the use of ultra -long drilling piles and then grinding technology、"Unmanned Duty" top push system、High -strength steel twisted cable cable cables and other new technologies、New Materials,It provides support guarantee for the construction of a century -old quality project for construction。

Pressing the preparation for opening traffic

In the construction dafabet casinosite of the Yellow River dafabet online sports bettingBridge Construction of Jiaozuo to Puyang Section in Jiaozuo to Pingdingshan Highway,I can see the tower hanging forest,Construction staff wearing a helmet,Tort and back in the steel bars "jungle"。668 pile foundations of the Yellow River Bridge with a total length of 3656 meters have been completed,Chengtai completes 28 seats、Full 15 roots。

Henan Jiaotu Jiaozheng Highway Co., Ltd. Party Branch、Executive Director Liu Jun said,The next step will be inverted in time,Clear node,Refined construction organization design,Implementation Week Check、monthly assessment,Timely correction of places where uneven progress is in time,Make sure high -quality complete construction tasks this year。

Promotion Meeting,Henan Provincial Department of Transportation clearly clarified the sprint mission in the fourth quarter of this year,The opening of the opening of the traffic during the year is as early as possible,Pressing Pressing Working Testing、Network debugging、Toll procedures are prepared for opening to traffic; the renewal project should seize the current gold construction season,Effectively achieve Xunbao Moon、Ji Bao Nian、Ji Bao Nian,Strive for excess annual investment mission。

The Henan Provincial Department of Transport will accelerate the promotion dafabet live casinoof this year's approval dafabet live casinoproject.、Can open it quickly,Continuously expand effective investment; focus on restricting issues,Coordinate all parties to strengthen docking,Form an effective work synergy,Join the problem together to accelerate the solution; improve quality、Make sure safety,Help all project units to strengthen standardization、Standardized、Refined、Smart Management,Comprehensively create a "Central Plains Quality" highway。

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