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Henan exploration multi -type combined transportation can be monitored throughout the process
Source: China Traffic News Network Author: Release time: November 09, 2023 A+A-

Recent,The Henan Provincial Department of Transport and issued the "Henan Provincial Department of Transportation to implement the provincial key task division of labor division of labor" (referred to as "Plan"),The convenient and efficient market -oriented business environment of the industry、The industry's fair and fair business environment、Open and inclusive international business environment 3 aspects,Clear 16 key tasks,Support the high -quality development of transportation with the environment of more dafabet live casinoexcellent business business。

"Plan" is clear,Exploring a new field of service -oriented law enforcement,In a larger range、More fields to facilitate business,Further compressing law enforcement and service time limit,Continuously improving the efficiency of work; comprehensive implementation will not be punished、From light punishment、Reduce punishment、No administrative law enforcement "four lists" system for administrative compulsory measures,"The first non -penalty", "No subjective intentional without punishment" as the basic principle of law enforcement,Promoting tolerance and prudent supervision,Promoting flexible law enforcement,Make law enforcement more temperature。

Henan will rely on the construction of multi -type transportation demonstration project,Actively explore the public dafabet best online casinoiron、Iron Water、"One Single System" in key areas such as empty land; exploring and promoting the railway、Port、Civil Aviation、Ship company and other information sharing,Monitoring can be monitored throughout the whole process、traceable,Improve the level of multi -type transportation facilitation; enhance the opening of the portal of the Zhengzhou Airport Economic Comprehensive Test Zone,Promote infrastructure、rule standard、Interconnection of humanistic exchanges。

According to "Plan",Henan crypto Europe、Central Asia International Transportation Line,Expansion to the international freight channel of member states for member states of RCEP (Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement),Actively connect with the new channel of the Western Land and Sea; support Xinxiang、Luoyang、Nanyang and others to dafabet live casinobuild a second -level node of international land and port,Improve the driving force of radiation belt; explore TIR (international highway transportation) foreign insurance business,Support TIR pilot enterprises to purchase related insurance for vehicles and drivers。

In order to enhance the connection of the docking marine channel,Henan will build the province's "integrated" industry chain of investment construction, construction, management and trade in the province,docking integrates into the marine economic demonstration county (city、District) Construction,Relying on the main body of a major trading company,Recruit international level port service providers and strategic operators,Develop serving the marine economy industry。

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