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Tibet strengthens the entire process of construction of transportation projects
Source: China Traffic News Network Author: Release time: September 06, 2023 A+A-

A few days ago,Secretary of the Party Committee of the Transport Department of the Tibet Autonomous Region、Deputy Hall leader Dawa Ou Zhuzhu to Nyingchi City 219 National Highway related highway construction projects、318 National Highway Quality Reconstruction Project Disasters and other 10 contracting road project construction front lines,In -depth research and supervision office,In the project headquarters and the construction unit dafabet live casinodafabet best online betting websiteproject department, we carefully examine the development of grass -roots party organization construction and theme education,and go to the village work team along the line to condolences to the village cadres。

The Transportation Department of the Tibet Autonomous Region will further strengthen the management of the whole process of project construction,Enterprises participating in the construction must firmly keep the quality、Security、Environmental protection bottom line,Optimized construction organization,Accelerate the progress of the construction of the project;,Priority to ensure the smooth access of the entrance and exit channels,The maintenance unit must organize the force to carry out the dafabet casinodafabet casinodisaster section to grab the work。

Tibet Traffic will deal with the relationship between major project construction and promote the increase in farmers and herdsmen.,Local government departments、Owners' units and construction enterprises will jointly create a good construction market environment,Guide local farmers and herdsmen to accord,Use self -purchase machinery and self -use sand gravel for highway construction。Owners and construction units will strengthen scheduling、inverted construction period、Figure combat,High -quality and high efficiency Promoting the construction progress of important nodes in each project。

The Department of Transportation of the Tibet Autonomous Region advocates the headquarters and the construction unit dafabet best online casinodafabet best online casinoto form the "Communist Pioneer Team",Take the lead to carry the emergency and dangerous task on the shoulders,Pioneer model of party members in the construction of the front line,Effective theme education middle school thought、The results of the strong party spirit are transformed into heavy practice、The effectiveness of building new achievements。

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