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Shanxi Holding Digital Transportation Development Forum Digital Wisdom Shape Transportation Innovation Ecology
Source: China Traffic News Network Author: Release time: September 06, 2023 A+A-

August 24,"Digital Wisdom Power、Interconnection "is the theme of the 4th Jinyang Lake & Middot; Digital Economic Development Summit Digital Traffic Development Forum held in Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province。The forum invited academicians in the field of digital transportation、Relevant units representatives,Talk about the future development of digital traffic,Share and communicate the Internet of Things perception、Remote sensing measurement、Digital development and practice and advanced experience of online freight and other digital development。Vice Governor of Shanxi dafabet casinodafabet best online betting websiteProvince Liu Ye attended the meeting and delivered a speech。

In recent years,Shanxi Province's transportation industry Focus on the construction of strong transportation provinces,Vigorously promote digital traffic construction,In "Digital Wisdom Power、Divided fusion "continuously obtained new breakthroughs。Surrounding digital traffic construction,Shanxi takes the "Ministry of Provincial Co -Construction" project as the starting point,Focus on set intensive integration、Innovation innovation,Encourage new mode、New business development,Digitalization in the field of transportation、Network、The level of intelligence is significantly improved。Shanxi has been established and runs the first nationwide heavy -duty shipping intelligent Internet of connected car road collaborative scientific research experimental section,Released ETC intelligent dafabet online sports bettingdafabet online sports bettingdetection system、Smart charge system and other new products。

On the forum,Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences、Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering、Professor Li Daren of Wuhan University with the title of "Smart Transportation of Digital Twins" as the special invitation report,Summary of related technical research work carried out by my country ’s key technology and benchmark data,and introduced the software platform and engineering application based on digital twins。Wang Gang, deputy director of the Road Network Monitoring and Emergency Disposal Center of the Ministry of Transport, wrote a special report in "Smart Highway and Networking Toll Development Thinking",The current status of the construction of smart roads in my country、Smart Highway Development Thinking、The current situation of the development of network charges、Internet charging optimization dafabet best online casinodafabet best online casinoand upgrade direction to conduct system explanations。The main report link,Relevant experts from the Science Research Institute of the Ministry of Transport shared the exploration and practice of comprehensive transportation "data brain",Putting on the point of focusing on the development of new network freight formats in the transportation industry。

Party Secretary of the Party Group of the Department of Transportation of Shanxi Province、Director Guo Bingfu said,will take this conference as an opportunity,Further create first -class transportation innovation ecology,Basic architecture according to the "one platform, three system",High starting point、Research and promotion and application of digital transportation construction at high quality,Go out of a new road to digital traffic development,Giving Smart Smart Power to Shanxi Transportation Innovation and Development。

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