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Cases of highway audit cases under the Group's operation company, which has won the title of Top Ten Top Ten Top Ten Cases of the country
Source: Liaoning Traffic Investment Author: Release time: June 07, 2024 A+A-

May 22,The National Highway Toll Operation and Audit Work Seminar and the 4th National High -speed Audit Conference hosted by the China Transportation Association and the 4th National High -speed Audit Conference was held in Chengdu,At the meeting, a typical dafabet online sports bettingcase of the national highway audit of 2023 commended。The Group's highway operation management company (hereinafter referred to as "operating company") Dalian Branch's "Green Connect Case",After layer of review,Stand out smoothly,Won the title of "Top Ten Top Ten Top Ten Top Ten Top Ten Cases of Highway Auditing"。

Green Tong Management is the focus and difficulty in the network charging audit work,Fake Green Connect Stealing Passing Cases Due to its hiddenness、High amount involved、It is not easy to trace afterwards,As a result, there are related cases that occur from time to time。Our province is affected by dafabet online sports bettinggeographical and climatic conditions.、variety miscellaneous、variety miscellaneous、Typical features such as high exemption quota,To avoid the occurrence of Green Connectary evasion cases,Effective response to the management of Green Connect under the new situation,The operating company has a multi -measure and continuously strengthen the management of greening inspection。Green Tong Audit Cases on the list of this successful list,It is the summary and display of the experience results of the company's audit work over the years。Next,The operating company will continue to maintain the normal dafabet best online betting websitecharging order of the highway and provide a good traffic environment,Actively guide the vehicle from illegal escort fee to "dare to escape" to "not escape" to the change of "not want to escape"。




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