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Accelerate the construction of the Shenshan Reconstruction and Expansion Project Broadcast Network Construction of Liaoning High -speed Smart Construction and then speed up
Source: Liaoning Traffic Investment Author: Release time: June 07, 2024 A+A-

May 28,The Group's highway operation management company organizes a special work deployment meeting,Accelerate the construction of Shenshan Line Broadcasting Network。Secretary of the Party Committee of the Operation Company、Chairman Wang Chao attended the meeting and speak,Deputy Secretary of the Company Party Committee Yu Changhong、Deputy General Manager Zhang Yuanbo attended the meeting。

The meeting dafabet online sports bettinglistened to the report of the progress of the construction of the Shenshan high -speed reconstruction and expansion project and the preparation of the preliminary preparation of the broadcast of the broadcast network。

Wang Chao emphasized,Broadcasting Network Construction is part of the intelligent construction of Shenshan high speed,Company departments、All units must work together、Careful Organization、Scientific scheduling、Refined division of labor、inverted construction period,Make sure the broadcast network speaks on time as soon as possible,Unified Thought。

Specific requirements for Wang Chao for the next step.dafabet casinoClear goals,Unified Thought。The company actively prepares a special class of radio network,Go all out to carry the Banner of the construction of Liaoning High -speed Broadcasting Network,Unified Thought、Implement responsibility,Make sure the project is progressing smoothly;The second isSolid support,Coordinated and parallel。Various business departments、All units should perform their duties、Tight collaboration,It will cover meteorological warning、Emergency response、Incident Notification、Rescue Service、Policy interpretation and other multi -dimensional contents are integrated into Liaoning high -speed broadcast network operation,Meet information、Information "Instant Synchronous";Three isDemand Drive,Technical Leading。Support the information platform of the command scheduling center,Simple、Customized content is the starting point,Give full play to the company's unique advantage in information dissemination and service,Clear the core role of the broadcast network,Quick、Science、Effectively guide travel services;Four isChannel integration,Resource sharing。Fully sort out the media matrix of the top -level design company,Implementing the text、Video is a new media and radio and other sectors.,Avoid splitting and waste of resources;Five isLeading compliance,Professional dedication。Create a professional team,Follow the rules of the radio industry,Control the ideological work,Make sure content compliance。Effective control and guidance of the radio network,Highlighting the functionality and authority of Liaoning high -speed broadcast network。



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