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The Group's underwriting company organizes the "disaster prevention and mitigation week" series of activities
Source: Liaoning Traffic Investment Author: Release time: June 07, 2024 A+A-

To do a good job of disaster prevention and mitigation,Strengthening disaster prevention and mitigation and disaster prevention and natural disaster prevention work,Comprehensively improve the company's safety production management level,Recent,The Group's highway operation management company (hereinafter referred to as "operating company") organizes the "disaster prevention and reduction week" series of activities。

The operating company attaches great importance to this disaster prevention and mitigation week,Following "everyone talks about safety、All meetings -focus on improving grass -roots disaster prevention and avoidance capabilities "Activity theme held a special meeting,Careful analysis and judgment of the focus of disaster dafabet live casinoprevention and control and the prominent problem that affects the stability of the company's disaster prevention and control,Clear goals and tasks,Implement work responsibility。

During the event,The operating company further improves the disaster emergency plan,and through emergency drills,Improve the planned operationability,Improve the ability to deal with disasters; organize the section of severe geological disasters such as landslide landslides on highways in various roads、Building a house and an old place for key parts,and natural disasters are prone to multiple areas,Carry out the investigation of hidden safety hazards; strengthen the investigation and management of road fire hidden dangers,Random pile on the bridge along the line、Flashing firewood、Chai Duo and other flammable items for investigation and cleaning,Focus on the phenomenon of burning along the line at the same time,Make sure to deal with it;,According to relevant requirements and business needs,Gradually improve the reserve update dafabet best online betting websiteof emergency materials,Effectively ensure the safety of the lives and property of the people。Cumulative handling of 37 burning incidents that threaten driving safety,22 times of hidden dangers of disaster accidents,No hidden dangers have been found。

In order to carry out the implementation of the implementation of the implementation of the implementation, the effectiveness,Operating companies increase their mission,Promotion mode combined with "internal+external",Improving activities The influence of activities。The company's emergency manual by printing disaster prevention and disaster prevention and mitigation、Release the knowledge of disaster prevention and mitigation in the work group、Concentrated on the form of science education and other forms of disaster prevention and reduction science education,Effectively improve the disaster prevention and mitigation ability of all employees,Especially to improve the risk recognition and self -rescue ability of extreme disaster weather。Cumulative training for disaster prevention and dafabet best online casinomitigation 7 times,Participate in training employees 743 people。Organize the branches of various regions through the booth、Show Board、banners and electronic displays such as publicity channels,Publicity of disaster prevention and mitigation weekly promotional slogan,Create a disaster prevention and mitigation activity atmosphere。Set 38 places for disaster dafabet live casinoprevention and control booths,Establishing 72 yuan for the exhibition board,Hanging publicity banner 371 for more than 371,More than 32,600 publicity leaflets,410 posters post posters,Play the promotional video 68357 times。

The company will take this "disaster prevention and mitigation week" series of activities as an opportunity,Further enrich the type of material reserve,Strengthening disaster dafabet live casinoprevention and control,Improve employees' self -rescue and mutual rescue and emergency response capabilities,Optimize multi -party emergency linkage,Effectively build the company's safety production defense line,Protect the company's safety production management work。




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