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The anti -sex maintenance and maintenance project of Shenda high -speed road surface in 2024 in the maintenance company under the group's main maintenance company was successfully started
Source: Liaoning Traffic Investment Author: Release time: June 07, 2024 A+A-

Recent,The Group's Liaoning Traffic Investment Conservation Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Maintenance Company") in Liaoning Traffic Investment Maintenance Engineering Co., Ltd. +100 held。Deputy Secretary dafabet live casinoof the Party Committee of Maintenance Company、Directors、General Manager Sun He Shan attended the ceremony and speak。Project Construction Unit、Supervision unit、Consultation unit、Relevant responsible comrades along the traffic police department along the line attended the starting ceremony。


This maintenance and maintenance project is 107 kilometers in length,Construction period for 16 months,Total investment of 302 million yuan。The project will be based on the disease,Using directly add 2cm ultra -thin wear layer、Milling the existing 2cm ultra-thin wear layer 4CMSMA-13L or re-paving 2cm ultra-thin wear layer dafabet best online casinoand other maintenance methods to perform disease treatment for engineering pavement。To ensure the smooth completion of the guarantee project,The project staff of the maintenance company has completed safety、Technical configuration training and assessment preliminary preparations,All construction equipment enters the field,And built a new 5000 -acre 5000 -type belt -regenerative function mixing station in Gaizhou,At present, the mixing station already has production conditions。After the project is completed,It will effectively enhance Shenda's high -speed roads.dafabet online sports betting,Optimize the road environment,For regional economic development、Public safety and convenient travel creates a good traffic environment。


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