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The Group's underwriting management company organizes the safety management training of the Taiwan black project
Source: Liaoning Traffic Investment Author: Release time: June 06, 2024 A+A-

To improve the level of production safety management,Construction of safe, civilized and safe construction sites,May 29,The Group's underwriting management company under the Taiwan Black Project Organization has carried out safety management training。

Training dafabet online sports bettingrevolves around safety production laws and regulations、Liaoning Provincial Highway Project Ping An site evaluation method、Standards for determination of major accident hidden dangers、Three -year action plan for the cure、Typical accident cases and responsibility analysis, explain and explain in detail and announcement,In summary summary of the potential hidden dangers of construction project production projects, there are multiple links,Clarifying the management of the Dangerous Project、Mechanical and Equipment Management、12 key safety production key work such dafabet best online casinoas special operations management,and put forward related work suggestions。


Through this safety management training,Promote the project safety management personnel to further grasp the implementation of the responsibility of production safety and the establishment of a double prevention mechanism,Awareness of improving the responsibility of production safety for the project、Improve the level of safety management、Preventing and reducing production safety accidents laid a solid foundation。

Ministry of Safety and Quality Department of Construction Management dafabet casinoCompany、Saded Black Project Headquarters、Director Office、Related safety production managers in each construction unit participate in training。

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