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The Group's Traffic Planning and Design Institute organized a popular science activity of the "Innocence and Dream Future" bridge diagnosis and treatment
Source: Liaoning Traffic Investment Author: Release time: June 04, 2024 A+A-

To effectively improve the level of scientific research management,Create advocating science、The strong atmosphere of advocating innovation,Stimulate enterprise innovation vitality,May 28,The Group's Ministry of Traffic Planning and Design (hereinafter referred to as the "Design Institute") with 2024 Transportation Technology Week "Promoting dafabet live casinodafabet casinothe Spirit of Scientists,Stimulate the vitality of the whole society "as the main purpose,A bridge diagnosis and treatment science campaign with the theme of "Chuangzhi Transportation and Building Dreams" was held,Adopt a combination of visits and lectures,Invited the Liaoning Provincial Highway Society、Shenyang University、Shenyang University of Technology and other units participating in total。


Participants visited the Structure Laboratory of the R & D Center of the Design Institute,I learned through the Informatization Monitoring Center. The Design Institute has been tested in the bridge tunnel in recent years、Monitoring and Large Transport Evaluation、Technical achievements in comprehensive diagnosis dafabet best online betting websitedafabet best online betting websitedafabet live casinoand treatment and maintenance of highway asset management and other comprehensive diagnosis and treatment。


The backbone of the Design Institute made a report entitled "Highway Infrastructure Monitoring Technology" and "Highway Conservation New Materials",Analysis of the development trend and focus of focus on the maintenance of highway maintenance in the new era,and combined with their actual work and scientific research,Share the spirit of scientists、Scientific research work and experience of corporate scientific and technological innovation,Participants actively ask questions,Interactive communication,Active atmosphere at the scene。


This event breaks through the form of a single publicity in the dafabet best online betting websitedafabet best online betting websitepast,Multi -angle、Multi -form showing the rich achievements and results of the design institute,At the same time, it has also strengthened the communication between technical personnel in the industry,further promoted the coordinated development of scientific popularization and scientific and technological innovation,In order to accelerate the promotion of high -level technology and self -reliance, it has injected strong motivation。

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