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Liaoning Communication Investment Ertes Technology Co., Ltd. Sub -Enterprise Marketing Selection Vocational Manager Recruitment Announcement
Source: Author: Release time: May 24, 2024 A+A-

Liaoning Communication Investment Etz Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Etz Company"),It is affiliated with Liaoning Provincial Transportation Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd.。Main business includes: Highway Transportation Mechanical and Electrical System Design、Project Construction、Engineering Supervision、Test test、The core soft of the intelligent transportation system、R & D of hardware products、operation and maintenance、Communication pipeline maintenance and other businesses,It is a high -tech enterprise for the resolution and service of the entire industry chain of transportation and electrical engineering。

Liaoning Transportation Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Information Company" or "Sub -Enterprise") implement the professional manager system。Information Company was established in 2005,Registered funds 2.7 million yuan,It is a wholly -owned subsidiary of Aiters。It is a high -tech enterprise with network security and Xinchuang as its core business。Main business includes network security: research and development of network security products、Industry solution、Security service and operation、Safety integration and implementation; Xinchuang: Xinchuang Planning Consultation、Xinchuang project collection transaction payment、Xinchuang upgrade and operation and maintenance service、Xinchuang Talent Training Certification。Information Company is committed to becoming a digital security enterprise with network security influence and innovation capabilities in the province during the "14th Five -Year Plan" period。

Hebei Xiong'an Maji Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xiong'an Company" or "Sub -Enterprise") implement the professional manager system。Xiong'an Company was established on November 27, 2018,Registered capital 3 million yuan,It is a wholly -owned subsidiary of Aiters,It dafabet online sports bettingis under the leadership of Aiters's major strategic strategy of the Party Central Committee's construction of the Xiong'an New District,Smart office in advance layout、Smart City、Information technology service enterprises related to smart transportation。The main business has smart cities、Integrated office; technical service、Technology Development、Technical Consultation, etc.。

To further enhance the vitality of the business operation,Deepen the reform of the market -oriented selection and employment mechanism,Improve the market -oriented business mechanism,Liaoning Communication Investment Etz Technology Co., Ltd. intends to openly recruit eight professional managers in the country for information companies and Xiong'an Company,The present announcement is as follows:

1. Recruitment positions and number of people


The basic conditions for applicants

(1) Has the nationality of the People's Republic of China; support the Communist Party of China; at the age of eighteen years of age; good deeds; physical conditions and psychological quality with normal performance of duties。

(2) Candidates should meet the age required by recruitment positions、Education、Professional、Experience and other qualification requirements,For details, please refer to the "Standards for Candidates for Professional Managers of Xiong'an Company" (Annex 1) and "Candidates for Professional Manager of Information Company" (Annex 2)。

(3) The market -oriented selection is implemented due to this recruitment、contract management,Candidates shall know before registering and identify with the professional manager of the professional manager applied to the company's company.,Including the appointment period、Performance target and assessment、salary and dedefront、and market -oriented exit,For details, please refer to the "Contract Management Plan for Professional Manager of Xiong'an Company" (Annex 3) and "Contracting Management Plan for Professional Manager of Information Company" (Annex 4)

(4) Candidates shall not apply for recruitment positions that form a avoidance relationship after applying for employment。

(5) Candidates have no violations of laws and disciplines and bad records。

3. Recruitment procedures

This recruitment will be reviewed in accordance dafabet best online betting websitewith the registration and qualifications、Comprehensive evaluation、Organizational inspection and background survey、Proposal and determine the candidate to be hired、Five main stages including hiring and signing a contract。

(1) Registration and qualification review

1. Release recruitment announcement。In the SASAC in Liaoning Province、Liaoning Communications Group and the external human resources market publicly issued a public release announcement announcement。

2. Accepting registration.

3. Qualification review。Cut the qualification review according to the announcement of the announcement。

(2) Comprehensive evaluation

According to the agreement of the recruitment announcement,Corresponding employees conduct comprehensive evaluation,Including resume performance evaluation、Psychological evaluation、Written test、Interview。

(3) Organization and background survey

Organize the preliminary inspection candidate,Political Quality of Candidates、Occupational literacy、Innovation Spirit、Work performance、Occupational literacy、Analysis and evaluation of the situation of integrity。For preliminary inspection candidates from the company and their subsidiaries,The background survey will be commissioned by professional institutions。

(4) Proposal and determine the candidate to be hired

(5) Appointment and signing

1. Aters Company conducts pre -publication of the candidate to be hired。

2. After the publicity is over,If there is no reflection or reflection opinion, the investigation and verification prove that it is not true、It does not affect the use,Submitting the professional manager of the market -oriented professional manager signed a labor contract。

3. The board of directors of the company signed a job appointment agreement with professional managers and responsibility for business performance。

The specific implementation time of each stage、Location and other situations,will be notified in advance in an appropriate manner。

4. Registration time, method and related requirements

(1) Registration time

1. General manager post: registration time is ended at 18:00 on June 2, 2024,No longer accepting overdue。

2. Deputy General Manager post: Registration dafabet online sports bettingtime Over 18:00 on June 9, 2024,No longer accepting overdue。

(2) Registration method

Candidates must download the "Registration Form for Marketing and Application Vocational Managers of Liaoning Traffic Investment Eites Technology Co., Ltd." (see Annex 5) and "Liaoning Travel Investment Etz Technology Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd. Company Sub -Enterprise Marketing Election Occupation Manager Registration List "(see Annex 6),Regulate it as required、After filling in full,The original version (word format)、Signature version (PDF format)、List (Excel format) and personal related certification materials (including copy card copy、Education and Degree Certificate Scanning Part、Work performance certificate、Related award -winning certificates and other materials) Package and send it to the designated mailbox ciictalent2024@163.com,The naming method is "Application Company+Application position+name"。This recruitment work will not accept the scene、Phone、Letter and other methods to register。

(3) Each person can register for one position at the general manager and deputy general manager level,Must complete all information at one time。

(4) Candidates who meet the requirements of the job and pass the qualification review,will be telephone、SMS and other methods to notify it to enter the next link; for not entering the next link,No more notification。

5. Note

(1) Registration implements integrity commitment,Candidates should deal with the authenticity of the application materials they submitted、Integration is responsible,If it is found that it does not match the facts,The qualification for application will be canceled。

(2) Candidates from the time of registration from the publicity period,It should be kept in order to keep the contact information and be effective,Information transmission problems caused by poor communication with the employees,The applicant himself is responsible。

(3) Failure to participate in comprehensive evaluation due to personal reasons、Physical examination、Examination、Check in the recruitment links of relevant procedures,deemed to abandon the qualification for application。

(4) Calculate the age of the candidate、The deadline for working years is May 31, 2024。

(5) In accordance dafabet casinowith the principle of selection of best admission,During the recruitment process,If the candidates in a job have not reached the ideal employment standard,The recruiter has the right to decide to cancel the recruitment of this post。

(6) Unqualified due to physical examination、Volunteer abstain、False fake, etc. The qualifications for applying for the application and other reasons are vacant,The recruiter has the right to decide to make up for the candidate to be hired in accordance with the results of the comprehensive evaluation。

(7) The recruiter's application information and the application materials submitted by the recruiter are strictly confidential,Do not use him,Registration information unified storage and storage,No longer returned。Please read the recruitment announcement carefully before registering,After confirming that there is no objection。

(8) The interpretation of the recruitment announcement belongs to Liaoning Trading Etz Technology Co., Ltd.。

​​(9) I have questions about registration,Can work on working days (9: 00-11: 30,13: 30-17: 30) For consultation: Teacher Li 010-85359884。

Liaoning Communications Trading Aites Technology Co., Ltd. Sub -Enterprise Marketing Selection Vocational Manager Recruitment Announcement+Annex.pdf

Liaoning Communications Aites Technology Co., Ltd.

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