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Recruitment Announcement of Taoxian Branch, which is affiliated to the Communications Group,
Source: Author: Release time: October 11, 2023 A+A-

To meet the needs of business development,Liaoning Provincial Expressway Operation and Management Co., Ltd. Taoxian Branch intends to openly recruit 4 toll personnel (production operator),The present announcement is as follows:

1. Recruitment of basic conditions

It has the nationality of the People's Republic of China; supports the Communist Party of China; the age of 18 years of age; good deeds; physical conditions and psychological quality with normal performance of duties。

(1) Candidates should have the basic conditions for job requirements。

(2) Candidates can adapt to the working environment of the night shift.

(3) Candidates should be less than 35 years old (born after October 7, 1988)。

(4) Being able to use office automation software.

(5) Have good professional literacy and good communication and coordination ability,Have a certain Mandarin foundation。

(6) No violations of laws and disciplines and bad records.

2. Salary

salary includes basic salary and performance salary,Monthly pay about 3,000 yuan before tax; comprehensive calculation working hours system (inverted work,Need night shifts); work location is remote,You need to solve the commute and accommodation。

3. Application procedures

(1) Registration

1. The registration time is 5 working days from the date of issuance of dafabet online sports bettingdafabet live casinothe recruitment announcement,The deadline for registration is 17:00 at the last working day of the registration date,No longer accepting overdue。

2. This recruitment adopts online registration,Registration link (link opening time with the registration time) https://exam.ciicsy.com/app/

Applicants can only register through the computer end,Unable to operate on the mobile phone。Please fill in various information according to the prompts of the registration system and submit the registration。Applicants are not allowed to modify again after submitting registration,Please fill in it carefully,Avoid unsuccessful registration due to personal filling,Not submitting the registration information at the specified time,No trial。

3. Candidates should submit the following materials at the same time when registering:

(1) I have recently one -inch frontal -free color -free color photo electronic version (JPG format,Size below 50kb);

(2) The front and back photos of the ID card within the validity period;

(3) The electronic version of Xuexin.com "Electronic Registration Form for Education Certificate of Education" during the validity period;

(4) Electronic version of Graduation Certificate and Degree Certificate Scanning Parts.

(2) Qualification review and written test

1. Qualification preliminary review。Qualification of the application materials submitted by the candidate in accordance with the registration conditions。Inaccurate registration information、Submitted registration materials are not complete, etc.。

2. Job matching screening。To improve the efficiency dafabet casinoof recruitment,If the dafabet casinonumber of preliminary examinations for qualifications exceeds 80 people,The company will match the basic situation of those who meet the qualifications of the registration qualifications and match the application position,Determine the candidate of the written test according to the ratio of the number of recruitment 1:20。

3. Written test。Third -party examination agencies pass by phone、Email and other methods to notify the reviewer to participate in the written test,Persons who have not passed the preliminary review and job matching screening will no longer be notified。After the written test paper is over,Third -party examination agencies are sorted from high to low based on written test results,Determine participating in the interview candidate at a ratio of 1: 3。The written test score of the last interview candidate,Participate in the interview at the same time。

(3) Qualification review and interview

1. Qualification review。On -site qualification review of the candidate of the interview scope。The scope of the review includes the original applicant and their ID card、Original diploma、Original materials such as the degree certificate。For the postal vacancy due to unqualified on -site qualification review,Pay in order in the order of written test results from high to low。

2. Interview。100 points for interview full score,Qualified score line is 60 points,The interview score does not reach the qualified score line,Not hired。Company according to written test、The weight of the interview 4: 6,Calculate the total score of the applicant。The same score is the dafabet online sports bettingsame,Sort by interview results。

(4) Physical examination

Determine the participation in the medical examination personnel。The medical examination is performed in a designated hospital,Physical examination costs at yourself。Those who fail to pass the medical examination or give up the medical examination,No employment (if there is a medical examination, the person who fails to pass it,Replenishment in turn according to the total scores)。

(5) Examination

Personalized personnel need to provide provision of non -criminal record certification materials issued by the public security organs、Personal Credit Report and other materials。

(6) Public announcement

After the candidate is determined by the candidate,Public announcement for 5 working days for it。

(7) Recruitment

Implement the trial period system for the first hired person,The trial period is implemented in accordance with relevant regulations。The trial period conducts the trial period of the employment personnel in accordance with the company's assessment system,Unqualified personnel on the probation period termination of labor contracts in accordance with the law。

4. Note

(1) Qualification review runs through the entire process of recruitment,Candidates should deal with the authenticity of the information provided、Integration is responsible,If it is found that it does not match the facts,The company has the right to cancel its qualifications。

(2) Candidates should keep the contact information and be open and effective,Information transmission issues caused by poor communication with the employees,The applicant himself is responsible。

dafabet best online casino(3) The company's personal information will be strictly dafabet best online casinoconfidential,Do not use him。

(4) No fee will be charged for this recruitment,Please pay attention,Avoid being deceived。

(5) The interpretation of the recruitment announcement is owned by the company.

(6) Registration consultation Tel: 024-31270400

job consultation Tel: 024-82362010

The time for receiving the consultation is 9: 00-11: 00 during the recruitment day of the recruitment period,13: 30-16: 00。

Annex: Taoxian Branch of Traffic Investment Group Taoxian Branch 2023 Social Recruitment Jobs Summary Form

Liaoning Provincial Expressway Operation Management Co., Ltd. Taoxian Branch

The Taoxian Branch of the Communications Group's operating company Taoxian Branch 2023 Social Recruitment Jobs Summary Form


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