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Liaoning Jiaotou Errs Technology Co., Ltd. Vehicle Driving Service Outsourcing Project Second Bidding Bidding Announcement
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1. Bidding condition

This bidding project Liaoning Travel Investment Aites Technology Co., Ltd. Vehicle Driving Service Outsourcing Project (hereinafter referred to as "this project"),The source of funds is self -raising for the enterprise,The bidder of this project is Liaoning Trading Aites Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "bidder"),The bidding agent is Liaoning Chitong Engineering Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "bidding agent")。This project has bidding conditions,Now conducting domestic public bidding for this project,and qualify for the bidder for posting。

2. Project profile and bidding scope

2.1 Project Overview

Liaoning Communications Eites Technology Co., Ltd. Vehicle Driving Service Outsourcing。

2.2 Scope of bidding

Vehicle driving service outsourcing.

2.3 Bid Section Division: This project is divided into 1 bidding section。

2.4 Service cycle: The start and end time of the first contract is: 1 year from the date of signing of the contract。After the assessment is qualified at the end of each year,can be signed for one year contract,The contract price is the same as the previous year。The contract can be renewed for up to 1 annual。

2.5 Service location: The designated location of the bidder.

2.6 Quality Standard: Qualification,Meets the requirements of relevant national standards and bidding documents。

3. Bidder qualification requirements

3.1 The minimum qualifications required dafabet best online casinoby the bidder required by the bidder are as follows:

3.1.1 Qualification requirements:

Bidders must have domestic independent legal person qualifications and effective corporate legal person business licenses,and have the service ability corresponding to this bidding project。

3.1.2 performance requirements:

The bidder has been in the past three years (June 1, 2021 to the bidding document submission deadline,The time of signing the contract is subject to),Independent driving service outer bag performance,The cumulative amount of the contract is not less than 1 million yuan (a copy of the contract agreement,or the performance certificate of the official seal stamped with the official seal of the owner's unit shall prevail)。

3.1.3 Credit requirements: The bidder has the following adverse conditions or bad credit records.

(1) It is suspended or eligible for the bidding of the bidding project in accordance with the law and is in its validity period;

(2) Order to suspend business、Temporary or revoked license、Temporary or revoked the license;

(3) Enter the liquidation program,or declared bankruptcy,or other situations that lose their performance;

(4) In the list of serious violations

(5) was included in the list

(6) The bidder or its legal representative has a bribery crime in the past three years (June 1, 2021 to the bidding documents);

(7) Other circumstances stipulated in laws and regulations.

3.1.4 Other requirements: None.

3.2 This bidding (not acceptable) consortium bid。

3.3 Each bidder can bid at most 1 bidding section,Each bidder allows one to win 1 bid。

3.4 Units that have a interest relationship with the bidder may affect the fairness of bidding,No participation in bids。The person in charge of the unit is the same person or there is a holding、Different units of management dafabet online sports bettingrelationship,Do not participate in the same bid bid,Otherwise,Related bids are invalid。

3.5 Others: None.

4. Getting of the bidding documents

4.1 Everyone who intends to participate in the bid,Please be an electronic bidding and procurement platform at the Liaoning Provincial Transportation Construction Investment Group (hereinafter referred to as "Liaoning Communication Electronic Bidding Purchasing Platform",URL:#) Register for registration。

4.2 After the registration is completed,Please be at 00:00 on June 08, 2024 to 23:59 on June 13, 2024,(Beijing time,The same below),Log in to "Liaoning Communication Electronic Bidding Purchasing Platform",Download the bidding documents according to the bid section (see the "Liaoning Communication Electronic Tendering Purchase Platform" -For help center -bidding (procurement) document download guide),Bidding documents are downloaded without charging any fees。

Failure to download the bidding document from the "Liaoning Trading Electronic Tendering Purchase Platform" in accordance with regulations,Bidders refuse to accept their bidding documents。

5. Submission of bidding documents and related matters

5.1 Bidding documents should be an encrypted bidding file。The deadline for submitting the bidding documents (bidding time,The same below) is 9:30 on June 28, 2024。

5.2 Bidders shall be before the bidding documents are submitted,Log in to "Liaoning Communication Electronic Bidding Purchasing Platform",Determine the bid segment,Submit encrypted electronic bidding documents in the bid section,Bidding documents need to be uploaded through the CA digital certificate。(Note: The bidding document of the bidder uploaded the bidding section,You should download the bidding document of the corresponding bidding section during the download dafabet online sports bettingperiod of the bidding document,Otherwise, the bidding documents of the bid section will not be uploaded。)。

After the bidder completes the bidding document upload,"Liaoning Traffic Investment Electronic Tendering Purchasing Platform" immediately issued an electronic signing voucher to the bidder,Submitting time is subject to the transmission time stated by electronic signing vouchers。Bidding documents that have not been uploaded after the deadline or have not been encrypted as required,Bidders refuse to accept。

5.3 Bidding documents shall be compiled through the "Liaoning Traffic Investment Bidding Document Preparation Tool"。Preparation tools and operating processes. For details, please refer to the portal ("Liaoning Communication Electronic Bidding Purchasing Platform" - Help Center — Tool Download/Operation Manual。

5.4 Bidding file production、Submit online、Bid opening and other links need to use CA digital certificate。CA Digital Certificate Application Process. For details, please refer to the portal ("Liaoning Traffic Investment Electronic Recruitment Platform" - Help Center -CA processing)。

5.5 bidders prepare electronic equipment by themselves,and ensure that the network is unblocked,Decryage the bidding documents within the specified time。

6. Bid evaluation method

The bid evaluation method of this project adopts (comprehensive scoring method),Bid evaluation standards and methods. For details, see the bidding document。

7. Release the medium of announcement

The bidding announcement is also on the "Liaoning Provincial Traffic Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd. website" ()、"Liaoning Provincial Transportation Construction Investment Group Electronic Bidding Purchasing Platform" (#)、"China Bidding Bidding Public Service Platform" (http://www.cebpubservice.com)。

8. Contact information

Recruitment dafabet live casinoperson: Liaoning Traffic Investment Aites Technology Co., Ltd.

Di    Address: 4th Floor, Huijin Financial Center, No. 197 Nanjing South Street, Heping District, Shenyang City

Lianren People: Mr. Shen

Electric    words: 024-67996971

Agent: Liaoning Chitong Engineering Management Co., Ltd.

Di    Address: 16th floor, Shenyang Zhonghai Plaza, Shenyang South Street, No. 372, Nanjing South Street, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province

Lianhe people: Mr. Xu, Ms. Li

Electric    Chapter: 024-22564554

Email: lnctzbdl@163.com

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