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Liaoning Communications Group 2024 Highway Construction and Maintenance Engineering Quality Supervision Service Inquiry Service Better Procurement Forecast
Source: Author: Release time: June 07, 2024 A+A-

I. Project Overview and Procurement Scope

It is intended to entrust a dafabet best online casinounit to carry out quality supervision services for the construction and maintenance project of Liaoning Communications and Investment Group in 2024,Inspection content includes construction management behavior、Construction process、On -site management、Engineering entity and appearance quality、The quality of raw materials and mixed materials。

2. Project investment

This project is expected to invest about 500,000 yuan.

3, purchase time

This project dafabet best online betting websiteis expected to release project procurement announcements in June 2024,Specifically, the actual announcement time is subject to。

Four, other

This project will adopt electronic procurement method。Please register for the potential suppliers who are concerned about this project in advance (#),Timely CA digital certificate。

Purchase: Liaoning Transportation Investment Co., Ltd.

June 7, 2024

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