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Liaoning Expressway Smart Travel Co., Ltd. ETC Smart Parking Lot Upgrade Project
Source: Author: Release time: June 07, 2024 A+A-

I. Project Overview and Procurement Scope

Liaoning High -speed Tong Smart Travel Co., Ltd. intends to buy software and hardware products for the upgrading of Shenyang Changbai Vientiane dafabet best online betting websiteETC Smart parking lot,Software and equipment for upgrading and transformation for Anshan Vientiane ETC Smart Parking Lot。

This project is divided into 2 standard segments。The 1st section is the purchase and installation of hardware equipment for ETC smart parking lots,The 2nd standard section is ETC smart parking lot software system procurement and debugging。

2. Project investment

This project is expected to invest about 550,000 yuan.

3, purchase time

This project dafabet best online betting websiteis expected to issue project procurement announcements in late June,Specific time issued with actual announcement。

Four, others

This project will adopt electronic procurement method。Please register for the potential suppliers who are concerned about this project in advance (#) to register,Timely apply for CA digital certificate。

Buyer: Liaoning High -speed Tong Smart Travel Co., Ltd.

June 7, 2024

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