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Notice of publicly solicited the bid evaluation (review) experts of Liaoning Provincial Transportation Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd.
Source: Author: Release time: February 23, 2024 A+A-

To satisfy the work of electronic bidding procurement project (review) work in order to meet the Liaoning Provincial Transportation Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd.,Further optimize the professional structure of experts (review) expert,Enrich bid evaluation (review) expert strength,Ensure that the bid evaluation (review) process is fair, fair, clean and efficient,Study decided to establish bid evaluation (review) expert library,Experts for publicly solicited bids (review) experts for the society。The relevant matters are notified as follows:

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This solicitation work will be issued from the bottom from the bottom to March 31, 2024。Solicitation professional for details, please refer to "Liaoning Provincial Traffic and Investment Group Standards (Review) Expert Professional Classification Standards" dafabet casino(see attachment for details)。

2. Conditions

1. Good health,Age under 65 years old (born after April 1, 1959),Being able to undertake the bid evaluation (review) work independently;

2. Working in the corresponding professional field for 8 years,and have senior professional titles or have the same professional level;

3. Familiar with the laws collected professional fields、Regulations、Regulations and technical specifications、Technical Standards,Have a good theoretical level and rich practical experience;

4. Can be proficient in using computers and common office software;

5. A scientific attitude that can adhere to the facts of seeking truth from facts,Serious、Honesty、Justice、Performing responsibilities honestly,Have good professional quality and moral literacy;

6. No illegal, disciplinary and bad credit records;

7. Other conditions stipulated in laws and regulations.

3, the application procedure

(1) Application time and method

February 23 to March 31, 2024,Take an online registration method。

(2) Application material

The application materials should meet the conditions of expert entry,For specific application materials, please refer to the "dafabet live casinoLiaoning Trading Electronic Tendering Purchasing Platform" website (#)。

(3) Declaration step

1. Information filling

The applicant please start from the date of this notice,Log in to the "Liaoning Communication Electronic Tendering Purchasing Platform" website,Click "Expert Login",Enter the unified login page,Click to register。Truth according to the requirements、Accurately fill in and upload attachment information。

The applicant should follow the professional category in the professional classification standards of the expert in the Liaoning Provincial Traffic Investment Group,Fill in 3 secondary professional categories,Each corresponding secondary majors can fill in up to 3 third -level professional categories。

2. Online audit

Application materials for the group's unified audit experts entering the warehouse,Application for approval experts to enter the warehouse。The applicant should log in to dafabet live casinoLiaoning Trading Electronic Tendering Purchasing Platform to view the review situation。

(1) For the bid evaluation expert library of key highway engineering construction projects in the country、Experts in the comprehensive bid evaluation expert library of Liaoning Province,After the review is approved,dafabet casinocan directly enter the expert library。

(2) Application for experts who are not above,After the review is approved,Enter the preparatory expert library; after training、After the test is qualified,Fang can enter the expert library。

3. Preparatory Expert Library Expert Training and Test

April 15th to April 30, 2024,You can log in to dafabet live casinoLiaoning Trading Electronic Bidding Purchasing Platform for training、Test。

4. Related requirements

1. The information reported by the applicant should be true and valid,Do not fake it,Once discovered,The qualification of the expert declaration will be canceled。

2. Applicants participate in training as required、Test,No plagiarism、For test,Once discovered to cancel the qualification of expert declaration。

3. The applicant should properly keep the account and password of the dafabet live casinoLiaoning Trading Electronic Bidding Purchasing Platform,Do not borrow others,The adverse consequences caused by the individual should be borne by the individual。

Contact and contact information: Provincial Communications Group 024-67852076

Mr. Bai,15140017687; Mr. Zhang,15942036320

Annex: Liaoning Provincial Traffic Investment Group Bid Evaluation (Review) expert professional dafabet casinoclassification standard.pdf

Liaoning Provincial Transportation Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd.

February 23, 2024

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