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The Group Holds the 2024 Operation Work Conference and the Fifth Workers' Congress of the Second Employee
Source: Liaoning Traffic Investment Author: Release time: March 06, 2024 A+A-

March 5th,The Group Holds the 2024 Operation Work Conference,Deepen the implementation of the 20th National Congress of the Party、The Secretary of Secretary Xi Jinping and General Secretary Xi Jinping in the new era to promote the Symposium on the Northeast Comprehensive Rejuvenation Symposium,The spirit of the Provincial Party Committee's Economic Work Conference and the Provincial Transportation Work Conference,Summary Group's work results in 2023,Analysis and judgment of the current situation,Deploy 2024 work task,Mobilize the majority of cadres and employees in the spiritual state,Strive to participate in the new era and new journey of the trading practice,The new year of the new breakthrough in Liaoning showed greater responsibility and actions。Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group、Chairman Xu Daqing attended the meeting and made a group business report in 2024。Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group、Deputy Chairman、General Manager Dong Lei chaired the meeting,Member of the Party Group of the Provincial Department of Transport、Deputy Director Qu Jinjin was invited to attend the meeting。




Meeting,Deputy Secretary of the Group Party Committee Ma Yongjun conveyed the spirit of the Economic Work Conference of the Provincial Party Committee,Geng Yanjun, Secretary of the Group Discipline Inspection Commission, conveyed the spirit of the provincial transportation work conference,The deputy general manager of the group Su Jie read the Group's 2023 advanced dafabet best online betting websitedafabet best online betting websitecollective and advanced personal commendation decision。

The leaders of the participating group were service forces in 2023、Advanced Individual、Advanced Workers、Advanced collective、Outstanding contribution collective and outstanding contribution Personal representatives awarded a prize plaque。Group board of directors and business teams、Group and subsidiaries signed the responsibility of production and operation。



Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group、Chairman Xu Daqing made entitled "The Mission,overcome difficulties,Strive to open the new chapter of the Group's High -quality Development ",The system reviews the work of the group 2023,Fully deployed key work in 2024。

Xu Daqing pointed out,In the past year,We persist in the general tone of work that is steady to advance,The timing of development after the recovery of the epidemic,Operation quality and efficiency,By the moment,Touch high,Various tasks will go to a new level,Economic benefits、Operation quality and efficiency、Social contribution to achieve better results。For a year,We fully implement the Provincial Party Committee、Provincial Government's work deployment,Focus on high -quality development and break through three -year action,Ningxin Gathering Development,New Bureau of Qiangji Genben,Grab high -quality development in one hand、Grasp the party with one hand,Realizing the first battle of the three -year operation。dafabet best online casinofirmly unwavering strong party building,Leading guarantee effects further enhanced in high -quality development;The second isfirmly unswervingly grasping operations,Boarding stones and pillars of the pillar are further demonstrated;Three isfirmly grasping the project,Traffic infrastructure investment strategic support effects further play;Four isHard -unwinable momentum,Endogenous dynamics further gather in deepening reform;Five isHard and unwavering innovation,Development vitality is further released in the construction of a new pattern;six isfirmly grasping management,Governance effectiveness has been further improved in business development;Seven isfirm unwavering brand,The service level is further improved in the integration of overall planning;Eight isHighlight Hui people's livelihood,Social responsibilities of state -owned enterprise further demonstrate the mission。

Xu Daqing emphasized,It is necessary to effectively enhance the sense of responsibility and mission to accelerate the high -quality development of enterprises,Effectively find the fit point that the company can and Liaoning need,Grasp all favorable opportunities,Use all favorable conditions,Hold up if you see it,Do more if you can do more。To be the "leader" for the comprehensive rejuvenation of Liaoning,Efforts to become the Provincial Party Committee、The most assured ace army for the provincial government,The most reliable pioneer,The most concerned vanguard,The most trusted main force。Resolutely fight and win the nine major attacks。One isConsolidate the foundation of corporate development,Fighting the battle to win the industry's quality and efficiency increase;The second isBased on corporate functional positioning,Fighting and winning the project to promote investment;Three isServing economic and social development,Fighting and winning the service supply to improve the tough battle;Four isStimulate internal vitality,Fighting and winning the reform of the reform and deepening the battle;Five isEnhance the core function of the enterprise,Fighting the fight against the industrial layout well;six isCorrect high -quality development foundation,Fighting to win basic management to improve the tough battle;Seven isEnhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise,Fighting and winning scientific and technological innovation empowerment battles;Eight isBuilding safe and stable cornerstone,Fight to win the battle against risks;Nine isComprehensive implementation of the strict governance of the party,Fighting to win the party building improvement project。

Xu Daqing finally called at the last call,We must unite closer to around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core,The Provincial Party Committee、Work Deployment of the Provincial Government,firm confidence,firm confidence,Standardized hard work,Fighting forgiveness,Efforts to create a new situation of the Group's high -quality development,Make new and greater contributions to writing a new chapter in Chinese -style modern Liaoning。

Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group、Deputy Chairman、General Manager Dong Lei asks all units、All departments,One isTo quickly convey the spirit of the learning meeting,Grasp the task breakdown、Responsibility implementation,Enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency,Effectively turn the goal determined by the group's business report into visible、Touch it、can be quantified、Real results that can be evaluated。The second isWe must do a good job in the deepening and improvement of state -owned enterprises and the "management improvement years".,Improve the effective mechanism of promoting development,Promote the full quality upgrade of enterprises' production and operation,Build the foundation of high -quality development of enterprises。Three isTo strengthen the spirit of the struggle,Enhanced struggle skills,Focus on production and operation、Promoting reform and development,Keep an eye on the main indicators,Grasp the key work,Make every effort to ensure the realization of "opening the door",Lay a solid foundation for the successful completion of the annual goals。

At the same time, the meeting was held at the same time.,The meeting was deputy secretary of the party committee、Directors、Chairman of the Trade Union Ma Yongjun, chaired。The representatives of the participating employees listened carefully to Xu Daqing's speech,Review of the Group's 2024 operation work report、2024 production safety work report、​​Trade Union 2023 Work Report、Trade Union 2023 funding review report。




Group leader,Mid -level cadre of the headquarters、Members of the leadership team of each subsidiary and three centers of the operating company and the responsible comrades of each branch,Advanced collective、Advanced personal representatives,More than 330 group employee representatives attended the meeting on the spot,Each child、Branch managers listened to the meeting through the network live broadcast。

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