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Training Group held a special training meeting for party discipline learning and education
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May 29,For the solid promotion of party discipline learning and education, deep and practical,Further study and deeply study the "Regulations on Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations"),Comprehensive Creation of Academic Division、Zhiji、Mingji、The strong atmosphere of Definement,Training Group held a special training meeting for party discipline learning and education,Invite Professor Lu Dan of the Provincial Party Committee to teach in the topic。The meeting takes a combination of on -site and video conferences for,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of dafabet online sports bettingthe Group、Directors、Chairman of the Trade Union Ma Baojun Hai Huan Meeting,Member of the Group Leaders、Mid -level leaders managed by the group party committee、A total of 179 members of the group headquarters participated in the training meeting。

1 panorama

2 Professor Lu Dan

Lu Dan made entitled "Enhanced Disciplinary Setting Consciousness to build a clean and self -disciplined line -learning and implementation of & lt; Chinese Communist Party Disciplinary Disciplinary Regulations & GT;,The background and significance of the revision of the Regulations、Content requirements、Implement the specific measures of the Regulations,Perfect interpretation of vivid typical cases,Education guidance of party members and cadres to learn、Zhiji、Mingji、Shouji,Frequent ideological alarm clock、Frequently tight discipline strings、Frequent awe of the heart,Constantly improving the ability of party spirit and rejection of corruption and anti -changes。

3 Horse Secretary

Ma Yongjun dafabet best online betting websiteput forward four requirements for further strengthening the group's party discipline study and education:dafabet casinoTo grasp the target requirements。Study "Regulations" carefully,Clarify what the party's discipline is,What can I do to understand、What can't I do,Print the discipline of the follow -up rules in the heart,Internalization into words and deeds,Further strengthen discipline consciousness、Strengthen self -constraint、Improve immunity,Enhanced political determination、Morality、Morality、Resisting the decision,Always be loyal and clean。The second isTo grasp the point of learning。Take the study of the "Regulations" as a compulsory course、Frequency Course,To achieve the original study、Learn from seal one by one,Combined with actual learning、Learn with questions,Learn political loyalty、Learn to be awe、Learning to take responsibility。Three isPay attention to the learning method。To integrate daily、Grab in frequent,Pay attention to effectiveness、Improve quality up and down。Persist in chapter by chapter by section、Contact Actual Learning,Grasp the case to promote learning、Assist in training,The process of truly learning party discipline a enhanced discipline consciousness、The process of improving the cultivation of party spirit。Four isTo persist in grasping both hands and two promotion,Power ring formalism。Let's carry out the development of party discipline and education with the major decision -making deployment and work requirements of the Party Central Committee and the work requirements of the Provincial Party Committee、Complete the key work of the group and the unit of the unit and this unit.,Each measure of party discipline learning and education has become an effective measure for promoting centers,Effectively prevent "two skin",In the battle of winning the new three -year action, we will be brave in the new three -year operation.、Create again。

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