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The Group organizes the new "Company Law" promotion and the governance of state -owned company governance
Source: Liaoning Traffic Investment Author: Release time: May 30, 2024 A+A-

The requirements of the Provincial SASAC's "Notice on the Organization of the 2024" Civil Code Publicity Month "requirements,Combined with the actual needs of the group management and management,Recent,The Group's Legal Affairs Department organizes the new "Company Law" promotion dafabet best online betting websitedafabet live casinoand the special legal lectures of the state -owned company governance,Invite Lawyer Liu Hui, senior partner of Beijing Longan (Shenyang) Law Firm, teach lectures。Li Jie, Minister of the Legal Affairs Department of the Group,Each sub -company、More than 90 people in charge and related personnel of the headquarters participated in training。

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The background of Lawyer Liu Hui on the amendment of the Company Law、meaning、The changes in the main system and the impact on the governance structure of the state -owned company have been interpreted in detail,dafabet best online betting websiteEnhanced the understanding and mastering of the majority of cadres and employees for the new company law。After the training is over,The lawyer answers the relevant questions raised by the trainees。By carrying out this promotion training,strongly promoted the learning of various subsidiaries to strengthen the study of the new company law,Compare the requirements of the new company law to further regulate the company's organization and behavior,Further strengthen the awareness of risk and bottom line in daily work,Strengthening the company's compliance in accordance with law。

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