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The first round of inspections and deployment meetings of the first party committee of the group was held
Source: Liaoning Traffic Investment Author: Release time: April 22, 2024 A+A-

April 17,Group held the first round of inspections and deployment meetings of the second round of party committees,According to the fifth round of inspections of the Provincial Party Committee, the work deployment is deployed,Completely mobilized the first round of inspections of the Group's second party committee、In -depth deployment。Member of the Party Committee of the Group、Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission、Supervisor in the Group、Geng Yanjun, deputy leader of the leadership group of the Group's Party Committee, attended the meeting and delivered a speech。Relevant comrades of the first inspection team of the Provincial Party Committee attended the meeting。


The meeting conveyed and learned about General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on inspection,The National dafabet best online betting websitedafabet live casinoInspection Work Conference and the third round of inspection and mobilization deployment meeting of the 20th Central Committee、The spirit of mobilization deployment meeting of the fifth round of inspection work of the 13th Provincial Party Committee,and the requirements of the upper and lower links of the provincial party committee inspections,Emphasize the need to put the Party Central Committee、The deployment requirements of the Provincial Party Committee on the deployment of inspections and inspections are implemented in the specific practice of this round of inspections。

Conference emphasized,We must always adhere to the positioning of political inspections,Stand deeply understanding the decisive significance of "two establishment",Enhance "Four Consciousness"、firm "Four Confidence"、The political height of "two maintenance",Effectively enhance the ideological consciousness of doing inspections、Political consciousness and action consciousness; we must comprehensively study and implement the regulations dafabet best online casinoon inspection,The important idea of ​​learning and dafabet online sports bettingimplementing General Secretary Xi Jinping's self -revolution in the party、A combination of important expositions on inspection work and learning and implementation of inspection work,Three plenary sessions of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection、The deployment of the four plenary session of the Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission is combined,Constantly improving the quality of inspection work; in -depth implementation of the upper and lower link requirements,with a higher stand、Strongest consciousness、More practical measures,Ensure that the intensive work of inspections is strongly promoted in an orderly manner;,Take "two maintenance" as the fundamental task,Tightly combined with the actual inspection company,Pay close attention to the functional responsibility of the party committee of the inspection enterprise,Find the center、The entry point of the overall service situation、Combination points; make good use of inspections,Greed up the problem of problems,Precise and objective、dafabet casinoDiscover problems、Reflecting dafabet casinoquestions,Promote solving problems,Continuously enhanced inspections and penetration;,Incorporate the rectification into the business operation,Incorporate daily work,Integrate to comprehensively and strictly govern the party,Incorporate the construction of the team,Promoting inspection and supervision、Rectification、Governance organically interact。

Meeting requirements,To strengthen the sense of responsibility,Unified Thought、Improve the position,Answer the same question、Answer the same question,Ensure that the work of the upper and lower links of inspections is carried out in an orderly manner;,Strengthen work coordinated linkage,Promoting the inspection to get a bigger improvement、More actual results; strict inspection team management,Discipline requirements,Strictly abide by the boundaries of responsibilities,Promoting the spirit of the struggle,Pay attention to methods,Dare to discover problems,Make sure to successfully complete the inspection dafabet casinoand inspection of the upper and lower linkage tasks。

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