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The Group convened a meeting of the three -year action mobilization deployment meeting of the Safety Production Commission and Safety Production Governance in the second quarter of 2024
Source: Liaoning Traffic Investment Author: Release time: April 19, 2024 A+A-

April 17,Trading Group held a meeting of the three -year operation mobilization deployment meeting of the Safety Production Commission and Safety Production Governance in the second quarter of 2024。Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group、General Manager、Dong Lei, executive deputy director of the Safety Commission, attended the meeting and delivered a speech。Deputy General Manager of the Group、Deputy Director of the Security Committee Feng Weidong presided over the meeting。The main responsible comrades of each subsidiary of the dafabet best online betting websitegroup、Responsible comrades in charge of production work safety、Responsible comrades of the safety production export department,Responsible comrades of the headquarters departments attended the meeting。

The meeting conveyed the spirit of the recent meeting of the meeting。The operating company revolves around the "3 & Middot; 19" road traffic accident lesson,Safety inspection of highway bridge tunnels; construction management companies focusing on the safety management of re -production and re -production in construction projects;,Especially the safety production situation of the property sector and the passenger station was reported.。Written reviews of the first quarter of each subsidiary and work arrangements for the second quarter of their subsidiaries。Deputy General Manager of the Group Feng Weidong interpreted the implementation plan dafabet best online casinofor the three -year operation of the group's safety production and governance from three main operations。

Meeting to point out,Since this year,The Group's in -depth implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on safety production,Careful implementation of the Party Central Committee、Decision and deployment of the State Council and Provincial Party Committee、Provincial Government Work Requirements,Highway unswervingly implement the overall national security concept,Steady to promote the modernization of the security system and ability,Better coordinated development and safety,No production safety liability accident,Safety production situation is generally stable。

Meeting requirements,To accurately grasp the severe and complex situation currently facing,A sense of responsibility dafabet online sports bettingwith "always rest assured",Strict、tight、Deep、fine、Real work style,Further strengthen organizational leadership、Refined and compacking responsibility,Active responsibility、Do their best,Effectively form a strong joint force for preventing response。Fully grasp the work of production safety in the second quarter,Four aspects of the focus,dafabet best online casinosolidly promoting three -year operation of safety production and the cure of the country,Two:Pay attention to the safety control of key areas,Three:Continue to consolidate the basic foundation of production safety,Four MoConstantly improving the level of emergency response.


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