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Issue 186 Liaoning Travel Investment Integrity WeChat
Source: Author: System Manager Release time: June 05, 2024 A+A-

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2.[Important Meeting]The provincial warning education will be held to comprehensively strengthen disciplinary construction with the case as a police officer.

3.[Party discipline learning education]What are the acts of political discipline that violates political discipline

4.[Institutional Regulations]The "Regulations on the Disclosure of State -owned Enterprise Management" announced

5.[Work News]Group Party Committee Organization Visit the Shenyang Big Data Warning Education Exhibition Hall

  6.[Alarm bell long]The cost of violation of discipline and law cannot be paid at all

7.[Lei Feng Diary]We have to learn something if we really learn a little

High -level sound

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General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China、President of the State、The Chairman of the Central Military Commission Xi Jinping hosted an enterprise and expert symposium in Jinan City, Shandong Province on the afternoon of May 23.。He emphasized,The 20th National Congress of the Party painted the grand blueprint for comprehensively building a socialist modern country,Established a comprehensive promotion of a strong country with Chinese -style modernization、The central task of the national rejuvenation great cause。Further comprehensive deepening reform,It is necessary to closely promote the theme of Chinese -style modernization,Highlight the focus of reform,Treating the value of the solid,Reight method and method,To complete the central task、Add motivation to achieve strategic goals。

Standing Committee Member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China、Wang Huning, Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference,Standing Committee Member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China、Director of the Central Office Cai Qi attended the symposium。

At the symposium,Chairman of State Power Investment Group Co., Ltd.、Party Secretary Liu Mingsheng,Chairman of Shenzhen Innovation Investment Group Co., Ltd.、Party Secretary Zuo Ding,Ding Shizhong, Chairman of the Board of Anta Sports Products Group Co., Ltd.,Xu Guanja, Chairman of Zhejiang Chuanhua Group Co., Ltd.,Xu Daquan, President of Germany Bosch (China) Investment Co., Ltd.,Feng Guojing, Chairman of the Feng's Group in Hong Kong,Professor Zhou Qiren, Professor of the National Development Research Institute of Peking University,Huang Hanquan, Dean of China Macroeconomic Research Institute,9 enterprises and expert representatives such as Zhang Bin, deputy director of the Institute of World Economics and Political Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, spoke,Deepen the reform of the power system、Development Risk Investment、Use technology transformation to improve traditional industries、Establish and improve the governance system of private enterprises、Optimized the business environment of foreign companies、Promote Hong Kong to better integrate new hairExhibition pattern、Enhance people's reforms to gain sensation、Promote the development of urban and rural integration、Improve the macroeconomic governance system and other comments and suggestions。During the speech,Xi Jinping communicates in depth with everyone,The atmosphere at the scene is warm and active。

After listening to everyone,Xi Jinping made an important speech。He said,The Party Central Committee makes major decisions、Formulate important documents,All investigations,Listen to opinions in all aspects,This is our party's consistent practice and fine tradition。Opinions and suggestions for further comprehensive deepening reform made by everyone,Relevant parties must study and absorb。

Xi Jinping pointed out,Reform is the driving force for development。Further comprehensive deepening reform,It is necessary to anchor and develop a socialist system with Chinese characteristics、Promote the general goal of modernization of the national governance system and governance capabilities,Tightly promoting Chinese -style modernization,Adhere to the combination of target orientation and problem -oriented,Run the problem、Staring on the question to change,Resolutely eliminating the disadvantages of ideological concepts and institutional mechanisms that hinder the modernization of Chinese -style modernization,Efforts to solve the obstacles and structural contradictions of the deep -seated system mechanism,constantly injecting strong power into Chinese -style modernization、Provide a powerful system guarantee。

Xi Jinping emphasized,Further comprehensive deepening reform,The main aspects of the main contradictions and contradictions。To adhere to and develop my country's basic economic system,Build a high -level socialist market economy system,Improve the macroeconomic governance system and promote the high -quality dafabet casinodafabet best online casinodevelopment system mechanism,perfect support comprehensive innovation、Urban and rural integration development and other institutions and mechanisms,Further liberation and development of social productivity、Enhance social vitality,Promoting production relations and productivity、Upper -level buildings and economic foundations are better compatible。Promoting the reform of the economic system must start from reality,Grab the most urgent things,Deepen theoretical innovation in solving practical problems、Promoting institutional innovation。Reforms in other fields must also focus on global、Strategic issues planning reform measures,Implementation of outline。

Xi Jinping pointed out,The people's longing for a better life is our goal,Grab reform、Promoting development,In the final analysis, it is to make the people live a better life。To from the people's overall interests、Fundamental interests、Long -term interests planning and promoting reform,Take the mass line of the party in the new era,Pay attention to employment、Increase income、Entry、Medical、Housing、Work、Pension and the safety of life and property safety in the people who are anxious to find reforms and breakthroughs,Introducing more people's livelihood、Reform measures directed by the people's heart,Do more Huimin Sheng、Warm Men Heart、Practice of the people,Making reforms can make the people more sensible、Happiness、Safety A sense。

Xi Jinping emphasized,The reform is broken and standing,Get the rules half -effective,I don't have to do more with less or even negative effects。Reform no matter how you change,Reform no matter how you change,Adhere to the party’s comprehensive leadership、Persist in Marxism、Adhere to the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics、Adhere to the fundamental things of people's democracy and other fundamentals cannot be shaken,Dare to innovate at the same time,Turn the change of this change、Can be changed to change、Change in place,If you look at it, you will be unwavering。Reform should pay more attention to system integration,Adhere to the promotion of global concepts and systematic thinking,Strengthen the coordinated supporting facilities of various reform measures,Promoting reform measures in all fields in various fields、Forms a joint force,Enhance the overall efficiency,Prevent and overcome various rows.、Phenomenon of mutual constraints。Reform should be planned,More implementation。To grasp the reform with the spirit of nailing,Both must be active,More solid and stable,Clear priority preface,Grab effectiveness,Do your best、Walking for strength,Can't get out of actual。

Important meetings

May 16,The province's warning education will be held in Shenyang。The meeting in -depth study and implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important thought on the party's self -revolution,Comprehensively implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the 20th Central Discipline Inspection Commission's Third Plenary Session,Implement the requirements of the Party Central Committee on the deployment requirements of party discipline and education,Speaking of virtue with the case、Speaking of the case、Case saying、Responsibility for the case,Guide party members and cadres to check in comparison、Self -discipline,Further strengthen discipline consciousness、Strengthen self -constraint,Forging loyal and clean cadre team,Continuous purification of political ecology for Liaoning、Realize the comprehensive rejuvenation of the new era to provide a strong guarantee。Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee、Director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress Hao Peng attended the meeting and spoke。Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee、Governor Li Lecheng chaired the meeting。Chairman of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference Zhou Bo,Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee、Secretary of the Shenyang Municipal Party Committee Wang Xinwei attended the meeting。

Hao Peng pointed out in his speech,We must fully understand the extreme importance of strengthening the party's discipline construction,Based on the actual actual Liaoning,Effectively transform discipline and rules into political consciousness、Thought Consciousness、Action Consciousness。To fully realize the strengthening of the party's discipline construction,Remember General Secretary Xi Jinping's teachings、Practical politics requirements for practicing earnestly entrusted,It is a party member cadre to refine the cultivation of party spirit、The key to sticking to the red line of the bottom line,It is better to implement a new three -year action for a better implementation of comprehensive revitalization、The inevitable requirement of realizing the comprehensive revitalization of Liaoning in the new era,It is purifying political ecology、Comprehensive and strict party governing the party,Guide party members and cadres in the province to seriously study、Zhiji、Mingji、Shouji,Let "Speak Integrity、Understand dafabet casinothe rules、Defense Disciplinary dafabet best online casino"in Liaoning is in the wind,Make the iron discipline internally in the heart、Externalization,Escort the revitalization and development with strict discipline,Promoting the development of the party in comprehensive and strictly governing the party to develop in depth,Focusing on creating a political ecology with a righteousness。

Hao Peng emphasized,To persist in setting discipline and rules in front,Self -police introspection、Prevent micro -Du Jie,The example of fighting for the rules and regulations。To take the lead in strictly observing political discipline,firmly support the "two establishment"、Resolutely achieve "two maintenance",firmly establish the consciousness of the party constitution,Reinforcement program concept,Doing politics and firm understanding。To take the lead in adhering to organizational discipline,Strengthen the party's consciousness,Strictly abide by the organizational system,Adhere to organizational personnel discipline,Be honest people who obey the organization。Take the lead in taking the lead in adhering to the discipline of integrity,firm ideals and beliefs,Always strict with self -discipline,Resolutely resist privilege thought and privilege phenomenon,Clear people who are honest and self -discipline。To take the lead in adhering to the discipline of the masses,Houzhi is the nostalgia for the people,Strengthening investigation research,Grasp the incorrect wind and corruption of the masses for centralized rectification,Being intimate person to serve the masses。To take the lead in adhering to the work discipline,Strengthening the sense of responsibility and the spirit of responsibility,Focus on cracking the blocking point that restricts the development of revitalization、Pain、Difficulties,Establish and practice the correct concept of political performance,The leader who is a business officer。To take the lead in adhering to the discipline of life,Refining moral cultivation,Practice the core values ​​of socialism,Strengthen the construction of family tutoring family style,Noble decent person。

Hao Peng emphasized,Party organizations and party members and leading cadres at all levels in the province must put discipline construction in a more prominent position,Combined with the party disciplinary study and education that is undergoing,Level first grasp first、Grasp layers of implementation。Keep your work on learning and education,Let party discipline learning and education a "lifelong lesson" for party members and cadres in the province。Keep in love with strict control,Strengthen the supervision of cadre management,Precise implementation of "three distinguishes",Actively support the officer。Get hard work in punishment and deterrence,Pass the word "strict" through the entire process of disciplinary construction,Increase the supervision of "key minority"。To implement the responsibility,Promoting the party's discipline construction deeply。To carry forward the thorough self -revolutionary spirit,Comprehensively strengthen the party's discipline construction,firmly unswervingly lead the comprehensive and strict governance of the party to in -depth,Provide a strong guarantee for promoting the comprehensive revitalization of Liaoning in the new era。

The meeting was held in the form of a television conference。Provincial Party Committee Standing Committee,Provincial People's Congress Standing Committee、Provincial Government、Member of the Leadership Team of the Provincial CPPCC,Provincial Court Dean、Provincial Procuratorate Attorney General,Provincial (Middle) All units、Provincial state -owned enterprise、Members of the leadership team of undergraduate colleges and universities,Leader of the Provincial Party's inspection team attended the meeting at the main venue。Each city、County (city、District) and Shenfu Demonstration Zone has a branch venue。

Party discipline learning education

The "Regulations on the Disciplinary Action of the Communist Party of China" Chapter 6 is the regulations on the punishment of acts that violate political discipline。Newly revised disciplinary punishment regulations Chapter 6 Total 28 Articles,Write 2,Modify 12 items。

Political discipline is the party's organizations at all levels and all party members in the political position、Political direction、Political Principles、The rules of behavior that must be observed on the political road,The fundamental guarantee for maintaining the unity and unity of the party。In the party's discipline,Political discipline is the most important、Most fundamental、The most critical discipline,Is a head、Management of General Discipline,Observing political discipline and political rules is the prerequisite and foundation of obeying the party's entire discipline。

The violations of political discipline stipulated in this chapter mainly include the following categories: different party central committees on major principles; publication、There is a statement of serious political issues that spread; do not implement the party's central decision -making deployment; not honest and unrealistic dafabet best online betting websiteto the party organization; dafabet online sports bettingnot firm ideals and beliefs; there are political problems in foreign -related activities; Violation of political rules。

Newly revised Disciplinary Action Regulations Chapter 6 "Actions to violate political discipline behaviors" total 28 articles,Write 2,Modify 12 items。Added Article 55,Determine on speculative drill camp、Political scammers and acting as a political scammer and act as a political scammer's behavior; add Article 57,Mistakes to enrich party members and leading cadres,Violation of new development concepts、The punishment regulations that deviate from high -quality development requirements,The "image engineering" and "political performance project" behavior that engage in labor and the people is adjusted from violation of mass discipline to violation of political discipline。Write in Article 52: Read on private reading privately、Browse、Listening for serious political issues,Dencing regulations on severe behavior of the plot; Article 54 The regulations on the punishment of political climbing behaviors; Article 56: Increase writing about the party and the national situation、Regulations on punishment of department or local protectionist behavior,The implementation of the Party Central Committee's decision -making and deployment only states that it is not implemented as a violation of work discipline to violate political discipline;,Requires it to make corrections within a time limit;,Promote party members' firm ideals and beliefs,Forever political nature。

System Regulations

Premier Li Qiang of the State Council recently signed the State Council Order,Announcement of the "Regulations on the Disclosure of State -owned Enterprise Management" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations"),SelfSeptember 1, 2024.Regulations for the Communist Party7: 52, mainly specify the following content.

First, the principle of clearing the punishment work。State -owned enterprise managers' punishment work adheres to the leadership of the Communist Party of China,Adhere to the principle of party management cadres。Give state -owned enterprise managers punished,Adhere to fairness and fairness,Collective discussion decision; persist in lenient and strict and mutual help,Combining punishment and education; adhere to the principle of rule of law,Taking facts as based on,Taking the law as the criterion,Ensure the legitimate rights and interests of state -owned enterprise management personnel and related personnel in accordance with the law。

The second is to clear the scope of the applicable object。The definition of the implementation regulations of the Supervision Law to the state -owned enterprise managers。Standardized the appointment and removal of state -owned enterprise managers、The unit gives illegal state -owned enterprise managers in accordance with the law in accordance with the law in accordance with the law。State's illegal finance、Cultural state -owned enterprise management personnel are held accountable for other stipulations,Applicable at the same time。

Third is the type of regulatory punishment and its application。On the basis of maintaining the same connection with the government affairs of public officials,Further clarify the types and periods of state -owned enterprise management personnel。Adhere to the combination of strict management and love,Convert the "three distinguished" related requirements to the situation of light or reduced punishment。

Fourth is to refine illegal behavior of state -owned enterprise managers。Focus on the management of state -owned enterprises' operations and management is easy to issue more violations of discipline and law,Specific illegal acts stipulated in Chapter 3 of the Public Officials' Political Affairs Act to51 illegal circumstances and clarify the corresponding punishment.

Five is to establish and improve the supervision and restriction mechanism of the punishment of state -owned enterprise managers。Strictly regulate the punishment procedure and review the appeal、Correction and correction and other systems,Protect the legitimate rights and interests of relevant personnel。Corresponding legal liability for illegal acts in the punishment activity。

Work dynamics

& SUP2;May 30,According to the arrangement of party discipline study and education,Member of the Group's Party Committee Organization Group LeadersThe headquarters of the headquartersMain responsible comradesVisit Shenyang Big Data Warning Education Exhibition Hall,Effectively enhance the consciousness of integrity of party members and leading cadres,Building a prison refusal to rot anti -degeneration thought line。

& SUP2;May 23,The Group's Party Committee Inspection Office organizes two in -depth inspection teams,Mid -term research on the first round of inspections of the second party committee,Emphasize to adhere to political positioning、Pay attention to details everywhere、Strict discipline at all times,Make sure to successfully complete the inspections of the provincial party committee inspections and inspections.。

& SUP2;May 29th, operating companyMain responsible comradesand Chaoyang、Dalian、Dandong、Shenyang Branch's main responsible comrades conduct a clean government supervision and conversation。

& SUP2;May 29th, operating companyDiscipline Inspection Commission dafabet best online betting websiteis mainly responsible for comradesand Chaoyang、Dalian、Dandong、Shenyang Branch's main responsible comrades conduct a clean government talk。

& SUP2;May 30, operating companyDiscipline Inspection CommissionHold the Company Discipline Inspection Commission (expanded) meeting,Make arrangements for the next work。

& SUP2;May 21,The Discipline Inspection Commission of the Construction Management Company issued the "Notice on the Comprehensive Inspection and Prevention and Control of a Clean Government in 2024",Organization of various departments、Each project combines changes in business formats and work responsibilities to comprehensively investigate the risk point of integrity,Building a "firewall" for a clean government risk。

& SUP2;May 30,More than 60 party members and cadres of the Discipline Inspection Commission of the Design Institute went to Liaoning Women's Prison to carry out warning education,Continuously promoting party discipline learning and education deeply。

& SUP2;May 23,The Discipline Inspection Commission of the Scientific Institute issued the "Notice on the Investigation of Risks of the 2024 Institute of Integrity in Scientific Research",Management of scientific research funds、Examination detection project implementation、Risk investigation work in key areas such as materials and equipment procurement proposes specific requirements。

& SUP2;May 24,The Discipline Inspection Commission of the Scientific Institute further clarifies the requirements for the management of clean government archives,Comprehensively sort out the integrity archives of leaders。

& SUP2;May 30,The Discipline Inspection Commission of the Scientific Institute organizes all cadres and employees to carry out the "Regulations on the State -owned Enterprise Management Personnel" online learning。

& SUP2;May 17th to 31st,The Discipline Inspection Commission of the Industrial Company focuses on party discipline learning,Published "Window of Integrity" Issue 1。

& SUP2;May 31,The Discipline Inspection Commission of the Industrial Corporation organizes the selection of "Jianjian House Enjoy a Beautiful Life" video,and announce the comparison results and video collection to the whole company。

& SUP2;May 31,The Discipline Inspection Commission of the Industrial Corporation issued the "Notice on Comprehensive Inspection and Prevention and Control of the Risks of Integrity",Organization Son、Branch and various departments of the headquarters to conduct a investigation of the risk of integrity,Establish and improve the internal control mechanism of a clean government risk,improving the construction of punishment and prevention of corruption prevention。

& SUP2;May 21,The Aters Discipline Inspection Commission's problems found during the investigation of the case,Recommendation letter of the job,Effective blockage of management vulnerabilities。

& SUP2;May 21,According to the requirements of the Group Discipline Inspection Commission,To effectively promote the comprehensive and strict governance of the party to develop in depth,Establish and improve the internal control mechanism of a clean government risk,Carry out the inspection of the risk prevention and control inspection of integrity within the company。

& SUP2;May 6,Resource Development Company held the 2024 party style and clean government construction work meeting,Organization signed 16 copies of the "Supervision of 2024 Party Style and Clean Government Construction"

& SUP2;May 24,The product company holds a party member meeting,Five members of the Party Committee Election of the Conference,5 members of the Discipline Inspection Commission。

& SUP2;May 22,To establish and improve the internal control mechanism of the integrity risk,Solid the construction of punishment and prevention of corruption prevention,Supervisor and Consulting Company issued the "Notice on Comprehensive Inspection and Prevention and Control of a Clean Government"。

& SUP2;May 30,Supervisor and Consulting Company organize company party members and employees to visit the Liaoning Provincial Anti -Corruption and Promoting Raiders Exhibition Hall,Further enhanced the consciousness of integrity and self -discipline of party members and cadres,Building a prison refusal to rot anti -degeneration thought line。

Alarm bell long

The cost of violation of discipline and law cannot be paid at all

Lei Feng Diary

We want to really learn something,It is necessary to be open -minded。For example, a bowl,If you are already full,Even if there are delicious things, I can't install it,If the bowl is empty,You can install a lot of things。Bowl for knowledge,Just like the "treasure bowl" in myths,Always dissatisfied。

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