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Liaoning Provincial Transportation Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd.
Source: Author: System Manager Release time: June 27, 2024 A+A-
Liaoning Provincial Transportation Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Liaoning Traffic Investment Group") is through the Liaoning Provincial Party Committee、Large state -owned enterprise group approved by the provincial government,Registered capital 36.65 billion yuan。The Group is authorized by the provincial government to enjoy the provincial highway、The franchise right of transportation infrastructure projects such as railway;、Railway and other traffic infrastructure project investment and financing、Construction、Operation and Management; Participate in the provincial highway、Railway and other traffic infrastructure PPP projects; through resource integration、Asset reorganization and land development method,Gradually increase asset scale and financing capabilities,Realizing state -owned asset preservation and value -added。Group has highway planning and design、Technology R & D、Construction Management、The complete supply capacity and solution to maintain operation,The total mileage of the highway for organizational construction and operation management is 4409 kilometers,Asset size of more than 270 billion yuan,It is the largest state -owned enterprise in Liaoning assets。The group's subordinates wholly -owned、50 Holdings companies,17,000 employees,In 2023, operating income achieved 22.8 billion yuan,profit 1.8 billion yuan。
Facing Future,Liaoning Provincial Traffic Investment Group will use "innovation leadership、Coordinated sharing、Open cooperation、Green Development "is the concept of development,"Traffic and related industrial investment groups with strong capital strength and sustainable development capabilities" as the development vision,Give full play dafabet live casinoto the role of the platform of a state -owned capital investment company,Establish a development model led by investment,Reinforcement and national strategy、Regional strategic resonance,Functional business cost reduction and efficiency increase and service upgrade,Competitive industries to create a full industry chain supply capability,Efforts to promote high -quality development。
To meet the needs of the high -quality development of the enterprise,Liaoning Provincial Transport Group with an open mind,tolerance culture,Introduction of outstanding talents to the world。The present announcement is as follows:
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This talent introduction involves 7 subsidiaries of Liaoning Provincial Traffic Investment Group,respectively:
Liaoning Provincial Traffic Planning and Design Institute Co., Ltd.,Mainly engaged in roads、Survey of traffic infrastructure such as bridges、Consultation、Design and other businesses。
Liaoning Provincial Institute of Transportation Sciences Co., Ltd.,Mainly engaged in highway road surface quality test evaluation、Industrial Science and Technology R & D、Major Technical Reach、Scientific and technological innovation and other businesses。
Liaoning Communications Aites Technology Co., Ltd.,Mainly engaged in the design of highway transportation mechanical and electrical systems、Project Construction、Engineering Supervision、Test test、The core soft of the intelligent transportation system、R & D of hardware products、operation and maintenance、Communication pipeline maintenance and other businesses。
Liaoning Traffic Investment Co., Ltd.,Mainly engaged in project investment、Equity investment、Asset management、Investment management and other businesses。
Liaoning Travel Highway Technology Conservation Co., Ltd.,Mainly engaged in special maintenance and reconstruction of highways and maintenance and maintenance of attached facilities、Emergency protection and other businesses。
Liaoning Transportation Information Technology Co., Ltd.,Mainly engaged in the research and development of network security products and industry solutions、Network Security Service and Operation、dafabet best online betting websiteNetwork Security Integration and Implementation、Xinchuang Planning Consultation、Xinchuang project collection transaction payment、Xinchuang upgrade and operation and maintenance service、Xinchuang Talent Training Certification and other businesses。
Hebei Xiong'an Maju Technology Co., Ltd.,Mainly engaged in smart cities、Wisdom integrated office、Technical Service、Technology Development、Technical Consultation and other businesses。
2. Recruitment position
This talent introduction covers corporate management and investment management、Smart Transportation and Digitalization、28 positions in the fields of transportation construction and scientific research,A total of 32 people。For details, please refer to the attachment "Summary Form for the Talent Introduction Plan of Liaoning Provincial Traffic Investment Group"。
Liaoning Provincial Traffic Investment Group to international advanced or domestic project team,It can be introduced as a whole with "project+team"。For Excellent Technology、High -skilled talents,You can rely on post -doctoral workstation,Innovation Base、Platform,Take equity incentive、Project dividend and other methods flexible introduction。
3, recruitment conditions
(1) Has the nationality of the People's Republic of China; support the Communist Party of China; at the age of eighteen years of age; good deeds; physical conditions and psychological quality with normal performance of duties。
(2) Candidates should meet the academic qualifications required by recruitment positions、Professional、Experience and other qualification requirements,For details, please refer to the attachment "Summary Form for the Talent Introduction Plan of Liaoning Provincial Traffic Investment Group"。
(3) I have suffered various criminal punishments for crimes、It has not been found out or undergoing disciplinary review for criminal suspects,Other persons who are required to be recruited by national laws and regulations,None of them must be hired。
(4) Candidates shall not apply for recruitment positions that form a avoidance relationship after applying for employment。
4. Recruitment procedures
(1) Registration
This talent dafabet best online betting websiteintroduction adopts online registration method,Candidates please bring your resume and work performance、Scientific research results、Honorary Awards and other related materials Scanned items are sent to the mailbox lnjtrlzp@163.com。Registration deadline is: July 11, 2024。
(2) Qualification review and job matching screening
Enterprises will be reviewed by the information submitted by the applicants,Matching the basic situation of the person who meets the qualifications of the registration qualifications and the application position,Select the best choice to determine the interview candidate。
(3) Interview
Enterprises will organize interview work according to the different characteristics of recruitment positions,Interview time and specific arrangements will be notified separately。
(4) Examination
Enterprises will pass the ideological and political performance of the interview through the candidate、Moral Quality、Business ability、Work performance and other situations to investigate and understand。Personalized personnel need to provide an official manifestation material with an official seal issued by the original unit or the non -illegal record certificate issued by the public security organs。
(5) Physical examination
The medical examination is conducted in a designated hospital.
(6) Determination of candidates
According to the interview、Examination and medical examination results,Determined candidates to be hired through the internal decision -making procedures of the Liaoning Provincial Communications Group。
(7) Public announcement
After the candidate is planned to be determined,Public announcement on the website of Liaoning Provincial Traffic Investment Group,The publicity period is 5 working days。
(8) Recruitment
Enterprise implements a trial period system for employment personnel,The probation period is implemented in accordance with relevant regulations。
5. Salary
Liaoning Provincial Traffic Investment Group provides competitive market -based salary levels and diversified medium -term incentives for various types of talents。
6. Note
(dafabet best online betting website1) Candidates who have obtained a higher level of education,When applying for a job with a lower level of education as the starting point,,The majors learned from higher levels of academic qualifications are different from recruitment positions,But its lower levels of academic qualifications The majors are in line with the requirements of recruitment positions,It is deemed to meet the professional conditions required for recruitment positions。
(2) Candidates must solve the personnel and labor relationship with the original work unit,Responsibilities of disputes should be carried out by the applicants。
(3) Candidates should keep the contact information and be open and effective,Information transmission issues caused by poor communication with the employees,The applicant himself is responsible。

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