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Promoting party discipline learning and education with training to help the study -the group's subordinate design institute holds a special counseling report for party discipline education and education
Source: Liaoning Traffic Investment Author: Comprehensive Department of Trading Group Release time: June 20, 2024 A+A-

Learning for the majority of party members and cadres for education、Zhiji、Mingji、Shouji,Promoting Discipline Disciplinary Study and Education Deep Those,June 14,The Group's Traffic Planning and Design Institute (hereinafter referred to as the "Design Institute") holds a special counseling report for party discipline learning and education。The meeting invited Zhang Bo, deputy dean of the School of Discipline Inspection and Supervision of Liaoning University as a special counseling,Secretary of the Party Committee of dafabet casinothe Design dafabet live casinoInstitute、Chairman Gao Yubo presided over the meeting and spoke。Member of the leadership team of the design institute、Middle -level cadres and members of the party branch more than 50 people attended the meeting。


Zhang Bo made a special counseling of "Learning and Implementing the 2023 Edition of the Communist Party of China" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations")。What is he from "what is the" Regulations "、Why the Regulations are revised again、How to implement the "Regulations" three aspects,Combined with typical cases, the newly revised "Regulations" made a detailed and detailed interpretation,With rich theoretical knowledge and practical experience,A deep and seriousness for the party members and cadres of the participating meeting、Vivid and rich special counseling class,To accurately grasp the main points and requirements of the "Regulations" for party members and cadres,Further clarify the measurement ruler of daily words and deeds,Use party rules dafabet casinoand party dafabet live casinodiscipline correction thoughts and actions,Have important inspiration and guidance。


Gao Yubo emphasized,Carrying out party discipline learning and education is to strengthen party discipline construction、Important measures to promote the strict and strict development of the party,It is an important political task for the party building of the company this year。All party members and cadres of the design institute must deeply understand the significance of party discipline learning and education,Promote DAC study and education with a high sense of political responsibility,Effectively enhance the party spirit、Strict discipline、Easy style integrates daily、Turn into habit,Building the company with the rules and regulations、A good political ecology of the officer entrepreneurship。First, persist in problem orientation、Comprehensive systematic learning。Focus on solving party rules and party discipline "not heart、Don’t understand、dafabet best online betting dafabet best online betting websitewebsiteNot Master "Questions,Conscious、Frequency Course,Original learning、Learn by chapter by seal,Make up the knowledge of knowledge in the thorough understanding、Keep the key points closely、Perform the core essence。Second, we must adhere to the above rate、Take the lead in demonstration。Adhere to the "key minority" to drive "most",Continue to work hard on study and discussion,Get hard on the warning education,Grasp the prescribed action、Rich learning carrier,Putting the requirements of all items in the same way。Third, we must adhere to overall planning、Seeking effectiveness。Turn on the rectification of the development of party discipline learning and resolutely implementing inspection and inspection feedback,Promoting with the company's annual center work and key tasks of the department,"Two errors、Two Promotion ",Effectively transform the effectiveness of party discipline learning and education into the company's high -quality development results。

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