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The Party Committee of the Group's Highway Operation Management Company of the Group held a 2024 party building work meeting
Source: Liaoning Traffic Investment Author: Release time: May 11, 2024 A+A-

April 28,The Group's Highway Operation Management Company (hereinafter referred to as the "Operation Company") Party Committee organized a 2024 party building work meeting。Conference convey and learn from the province's organization minister、Minister of Publicity、Minister of United Front Minister Meeting and provincial (middle) direct enterprise、The spirit of the Party Construction Work Conference of the Communications Group,System summary 2023 party building work,Arrange and deploy key tasks in dafabet online sports dafabet best online casinobetting2024。Secretary of the Party Committee of the Company、Chairman Wang Chao attended the meeting and speak。Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Company、Directors、General Manager Zhang Shuli chaired the meeting。

Meeting to point out,2023,Party organizations at all levels of the company adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era,In -depth study and implementation of the 20th spirit of the party,Study and implement Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thought theme education for Xi Jinping in the new era,In -depth implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping about Northeast、The spirit of the important speech and instructions of the comprehensive revitalization of Liaoning,Especially in the new era to promote the spirit of important speech at the Symposium on the Northeast Comprehensive Revitalization dafabet online sports dafabet best online betting websitebettingSymposium,Tightly focusing on the key tasks of three years of action,Grab high -quality development in one hand,Grabbing the party with one hand,The level of party building at the grassroots level is significantly improved,The role of the pioneer of party members is fully exerted,The party's organizational coverage and work coverage are greatly expanded,To complete the goal task of the first battle、Make an important contribution to play the role of "top beam column" and "compressing stone"。

Meeting requirements, this year we must do six key tasks,dafabet casinoFocus on "theoretical armed",Persistence uses Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics to cast the soul;The second isFocus on "Party Construction Empowerment",Leading and guaranteeing the leadership of high -quality party building to win the year of tackling the year of tackling;Three isFocus on "strong base solid",Continue to enhance the political and organizational functions of party organizations;Four isFocus on "Choose the Sage and Appointment",Construction is a high -quality cadre team with heavy responsibility;Five isFocus on "Gathering the Heart Gathering",Continuously improved propaganda ideas and group work levels;Six isEfforts to "compact responsibility",Promote the development of comprehensive and strict governance of the party to develop in depth。

Members of the leadership team of the two -level operation company、The person in charge of various departments of the organs、Secretary of the Party Branch and the staff of the Party and Mass Work Department,More than 350 people attended the meeting。



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