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Liaoning Provincial Expressway Transportation Engineering Facilities Optimization and Improvement Project 2024 Labor Cooperation (2nd Purchase) Inquiry Betting Announcement
Source: Author: Release time: July 09, 2024 A+A-

1. Purchasing conditions

Optimization of the Liaoning Provincial Highway Transportation Engineering Facilities of Liaoning Province in Liaoning Province 2024 Labor Cooperation (2 Purchase) (hereinafter referred to as "this project"),The source of funds is 100%self -raised by the enterprise ,The purchaser of this project is a Liaoning Traffic Investment Highway Technology Conservation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "purchaser"),The agency is Zhong Consulting Overseas Consultation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Agent")。This project already has procurement conditions,Now conducting domestic public procurement of this project,and qualify for the supplier。

2. Project profile and procurement scope

2.1 Project Overview

Liaoning Traffic Investment Highway Technology Conservation Co., Ltd. Purchase of labor cooperation for the optimization and improvement of the highway transportation engineering facilities in Liaoning Province。

2.2 Purchasing range

The scope of this procurement is the optimization of the highway transportation engineering facilities in Liaoning Province in the scope of the bid section to cooperate with the optimization of the facility of the transportation engineering facilities,Cooperation content includes: the central partition zone wave -shaped beam steel fence installation、Poor beam steel barrier end structure installation、Remove the original guardrail, etc.。

2.3 Bid Section Division

This procurement is divided into a bid.

2.4 service period

On the date of signing the contract until July 31, 2024 (the specific time is based on the purchaser notification)。

2.5 service location

The specific location shall prevail.

3. Supplier qualification requirements

3.1 The qualification requirements that the supplier must have at the same time of the procurement requirements of this inquiry is below:


3.2 This procurement does not accept the consortium response。

3.3 supplier must not exist in the following situations:

(1) It is suspended or eligible for the bidding of the bidding project in accordance with the law and is in its validity period;

(2) Order to stop business、Temporary or revoked license、Temporary or revoked the license;

(3) Enter the liquidation program,or declared bankruptcy,or other situations that lose their performance;

(4) The list of serious violations of laws and trustworthiness companies in the national enterprise credit information publicity system;

(5) List of the person who is executed in the "Credit China" website;

(6) The supplier or its legal representative has bribed criminal behavior since January 1, 2021;

(7) Other circumstances stipulated in laws and regulations.

3.4 Units with interest relationships with the purchaser may affect the fairness of procurement,Do not participate in the response。The person in charge of the unit is the same person or there is a holding、Different units of management relationship,Do not participate in the same standard segment response,Otherwise,Related response is invalid。

4. Get the purchase file

4.1 All suppliers who intend to participate in the response,Please be an electronic bidding and procurement platform at the Liaoning Provincial Transportation Construction dafabet casinoInvestment dafabet best online casinoGroup (hereinafter referred to as "Liaoning Communication Electronic Tendering Purchasing Platform",URL:#) Register for registration。

4.2 After the registration is completed,Please at 00:00 on July 10, 2024 to 2024  July 12th at 23:59,(Beijing time,The same below),Log in to "Liaoning Travel Electronic Bidding Purchasing Platform",Download the procurement documents according to the bidding section (see "Liaoning Travel Electronic Bidding Purchasing Platform" -For help center -purchasing (purchasing) file download guide),Purchasing file download does not charge any fee。

Failure to download and procurement files from the "Liaoning Trading Electronic Tendering Purchase Platform" in accordance with regulations,Buyer refuses to accept his response file。

5. Submitting the file and related matters

5.1 The response file should be an encrypted response file。The deadline for submitted by the response file (the deadline for bidding,The same below) is at 14:00 on July 17, 2024。

5.2 The supplier shall be before the deadline of the response file,Log in to "Liaoning Travel Electronic Bidding Purchasing Platform",Determine the bid segment,Submit encrypted electronic response files in the bid section,The response file needs to be uploaded through the CA digital certificate,and from 13:30 to 14:00 on the day of the response document submission deadline, submit paper response documents to the meeting room on the 10th floor of the main building, No. 42, No. 42, Heping District, Shenyang City。(Note: The response file of the supplier uploads the response bidding section of the supplier,Should download the corresponding bidding document during the purchase file download,Otherwise, the response file of the response section will not be uploaded。)

dafabet live casinoAfter the supplier completes dafabet casinothe upload of the response file,"Liaoning Communication Electronic Bidding Purchasing Platform" immediately issued an electronic signing voucher to the supplier,Submitting time is subject to the transmission time stated by electronic signing vouchers。Response files that have not been uploaded after the deadline or have not been encrypted as required,Buyers refuse to accept。

5.3 The response file shall complete the preparation through the "Liaoning Communication Response File Preparation Tool"。Preparation tools and operating processes. For details, please refer to the portal ("Liaoning Communication Electronic Bidding Purchasing Platform" - Help Center — Tool Download/Operation Manual)。

5.4 The production of the response file、Submit online、Open the response file and other links need to use the CA digital certificate。CA Digital Certificate Application Process. For details, please refer to the portal ("Liaoning Communication Electronic Bidding Purchasing Platform" - Help Center。

5.5 Paper response file shall be submitted by the supplier's representative or entrusted agent,The submitter should bring the original ID card (the entrusted agent should also bring the original authorized attorney) to attend the opening of the response documentation。

5.6 Suppliers prepare electronic equipment by themselves,and ensure that the network is unblocked,Decrypt the response file line within the specified time。

6. The judging method

The review method of this project is adopted (the minimum bidding price method for review),Review standards and methods. For details, please refer to the procurement document。

7. Release the medium of announcement

This procurement announcement is also on the website of "Liaoning Provincial Transportation Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd." ()、"Liaoning Provincial Transportation Construction Investment Group Electronic Bidding dafabet best online betting websitedafabet best online casinoPurchasing Platform" (#)、"China Bidding Bidding Public Service Platform" (http://www.cebpubservice.com)。

8. Contact information

Buyers: Liaoning Traffic Investment Highway Technology Conservation Co., Ltd.

Di    Address: Zhashang Village, Zhihua Town, Yuhong District, Shenyang City

Lianqi people: Mr. Zhang

electric    words: 024-82363613

Procurement Agent: Zhong Consultation Overseas Consultation Co., Ltd.

Di    Address: 4-5 floor, Building 1, No. 25, Chegongzhuang Road, Haidian District, Beijing

Lianhe people: Mr. Li  Mr. Gao

electric    words: 024-88325378

Post    Box: zzhwzh01@126.com

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