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Trading Group held a warning education meeting
Source: Liaoning Traffic Investment Author: Comprehensive Department of Trading Group Release time: June 18, 2024 A+A-

June 7,In -depth study of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on strengthening the party's disciplinary construction,Comprehensively implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the Third Plenary Session of the Central Discipline Inspection Commission,Earnestly implement the requirements of the Party Central Committee and the Provincial Party Committee on the deployment requirements of party discipline and education,Arrange according to the party discipline study and education work plan of the group party committee,The Party Committee of the Communications Group held a group warning education meeting。Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group、Chairman Xu Daqing presided over the meeting and spoke。Members of the group leaders attended the meeting。


Xu Daqing pointed out,Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,The Party Central dafabet best online betting dafabet best online casinowebsiteCommittee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core of the Party Central Committee inherited and promoted the excellent tradition of the party's attention to discipline construction,Incorporate discipline construction into the overall layout of the party's construction in the new era,Put in the prominent position of the party's strict governance of the party,Manage the whole party with strict discipline and discipline、Governing the whole party,Historical changes in various causes of the party and the country、Historical achievements。The dimension of history and reality,Especially based on the actual reality of the group,Deeply understand the extreme importance of strengthening the party's disciplinary construction,Realize discipline and rules、Standing up、Strict,Political consciousness that enhances the rules and discipline、Thought consciousness and action conscious。


Xu Daqing emphasized,Strict disciplinary rules are the code of conduct that party members and cadres must follow、Politics,It is a lifelong binding political responsibility。Party members and leaders at all levels of the group must take the lead in adhering to political discipline,Being a political and firm person; take the lead in adhering to dafabet online sports dafabet live casinobettingorganizational discipline,Be an honest person who obeys the organization; take the lead in strict discipline of integrity,Clear and self -discipline; take the lead in adhering to the discipline of the masses,Being intimate person to serve the masses; take the lead in adhering to work discipline,The leader of the business entrepreneurship; take the lead in adhering to the daily discipline,Noble decent person。Tap the thought alarm clock、Frequently tight discipline strings、Frequent awe heart,Jiu Jiu for a long time to integrate six discipline into daily、Grab in frequent、Fall in normal,Consciously contact the job responsibilities、Realizing your own words and deeds in your own work and life,Drive the group consciously obeying the discipline。

Xu Daqing requirements,We must adhere to the education and education of party discipline at high standards,Continue to accurately grasp the chapter by chapter by lecture、Contact Actual Learning、Promote learning with a case、Important and methods to help in training,In the specific advancement process of learning and education,Highlights,Grasp the key,Make sure that learning and education achieves solid results。We must persist in implementing the condensation force with responsibilities,dafabet online sports dafabet casinobettingParty organizations at all levels must carry the main responsibility,Discipline Inspection Commission must implement supervision special responsibilities,All units、All departments must fulfill their due responsibilities,Build each responsibility、Unified coordination working pattern。We must adhere to the strict tone,Typical reverse as a "living textbook",Use party rules and party discipline correction thoughts and actions,Persist in the case to check、Ji Ji will be strict、Discipline must be investigated,To make the iron regulation force、Let the ban live。We must persist in strict love and inspire motivation,Strengthen the supervision of cadre management,Strictly implement the "Three Evals",Actively support the officer,Perseverance and strictness,Enhanced incentive protection,Accurate accountability accountability,Constantly improving the creativity of party members and cadres、Cohesion、Battlepower。

,Participants watched the warning education film "The alarm bell is long -sounding for you -the discipline of Yan Ming Party"。Member of the Leadership Team of the Group's second -level company,The middle -level cadre of the group headquarters,Three centers dafabet live casinoof dafabet best online casinothe operating company、Responsible comrades of each branch,Chinese company oil、The responsible comrade of the petrochemical joint venture,The group's full -time external directors in the group and other more than 120 people attended the meeting。

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