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Party organizations at all levels of Jiaotong Group to celebrate the 103rd anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China
Source: Liaoning Traffic Investment Author: Release time: July 05, 2024 A+A-

On the 103rd anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China,Party organizations at all levels of the Communications Group have carried out various forms of celebrations,Guide the majority of party members to promote the spirit of the great party,Focus on "Tackling"、Emphasize to "attack",Promoting the group's reform and development of various undertakings and steady far away,Effective condensing powerful power to win the new year of the three -year action, the new year of the three -year action is strong。

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"July 1st", the eve of,In -depth study and implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on strengthening the party's disciplinary construction,High -quality development of party discipline learning,Guide party members and cadres to learn from、Zhiji、Mingji、Shouji,Group Party Secretary of the Group、Chairman Xu Daqing,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group、Deputy Chairman、General Manager Dong Lei and other members of the leadership team and party organization secretary at all levelsCombined with learning experience and actual work,Teach disciplinary party lessons for the majority of party members,Through the "Party Committee Secretary take the lead and talk、Members of the leadership team in -depth、The party organization secretary covers ",Constantly improving the political literacy and ability of party members and cadres to resist corruption and anti -changes,Let the external constraints of the party discipline truly transform into the inner conscious compliance,The foundation of the high -quality development of the group。


Carrying out the theme party day, stimulating the aspirations of the leading first

  All party branches of the Design InstituteWide extensively carried out collective "political birthday" activity,By issuing a "political birthday" greeting card、Revisiting the Party Volunteer Book、Express the "Political Birthday" speech,Further enhances the sense of responsibility of the majority of party members、sense of mission and honor,Inspired party members in the promotion of the group's high -quality development、Work table。All party branches of the maintenance companyActively carry out party day activities with the study of party history,Share with the story of party history、Reading Sharing of Party History、Leading classic articles and other forms,spreading red story,Inheritance red gene。Each party branch of the Scientific InstituteOrganize party members to study the "People's Daily" commentator article "The Basic Following the In -depth Deepening of Party History Study and Education",Watch the micro -documentary educational film "I'm a Party Member" and "Branch Power",Learning Group's Shenkang connection project party branch advanced deeds,Promote the majority of party members to learn and make good use of party history,Further stimulate the enthusiasm for entrepreneurship of party members and cadres。The Party Branch of the Investment CompanySpecial Learning of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech during the inspection of Jiangxi,Education guides party members to combine the new era conditions,Perseverance and persistent pursuit of ideals、Seeking truth from facts is a new road、Hard struggle attack difficulties、Rely on the masses to seek victory,Let Jinggangshan emit a new time light。All party branches of the group agencyRevisit the party's oath through the organization、Watch the "Continuous Exercise Advance" warning education film,Guide the majority of party members in mind the identity of the party members,Consciously fulfilling the obligations of party members,Practice to enter the party oath,Further enhanced discipline awareness、Rule Consciousness,Awe -inspiring、Starting fear、Keep the bottom line。


Pursuing the red mark, the energy of hard work

  Party Committee of Construction Management CompanyOrganize all party members to visit the Centennial Party History Exhibition Hall of the Communist Party of China,Comprehensively and in -depth understanding of the party’s century -old struggle,Draw forward forces from the history of the party。Party Branch of Resource Development CompanyOrganize party members and cadres to go to Dandong to fight against the United States and Aid North Korea、Dandong Ship、Broken Bridge Visiting Learning,Experience Red Culture on the spot,Revisiting the party's oath,Practice Revolution's original intention,The spirit of continuing struggle。Supervision Consulting Company Party CommitteeOrganizes the theme exhibition of the "Red Starting Point" of the "Red Starting Point" at the Archives of the Party members at the Shenxian party members,Party branches organize project members、Supervisor visited the Black Mountain Holding War Memorial、Tashan Blocking War Memorial,I admired Panjin Martyrs Cemetery、Shenyang Anti -US Aid DPRK Cemetery Memorial Museum, etc.,Looking back on the party's glorious journey and great achievements,Feeling the heroic and firm beliefs of the revolutionary martyrs。


Organizational visits and condolences, showing that they are responsible for their responsibilities

  Party Committee of Construction Management CompanyOrganization is by a member of the Shen party、Entrepreneurial activists、League member youth、Volunteer teams composed of outside party people go to the community and surrounding difficult people in the community and surrounding difficult people in the Sifang Town Town of Tiexi District to carry out volunteer service activities,Provide help to cook for those in the difficulties、Cleaning hygiene、Services such as purchases,Can't take care of yourself for life、Elderly families with economic difficulties provide necessary living care。Material Company First Party BranchOrganize party members to participate in the "July 1" literary performance and glory of the party 50 commemorative activity ceremony,awarded the commemorative medal for the veteran party member of the community "Glory in the Party 50 Years",Taking the party building as the bond,Deepen joint construction and co -construction。


Rich activity carrier, condense the power of unity and forge ahead

July 1,Operation Company Party CommitteeFormally set up a "micro -light torch" -the Liaoning high salary fire flow lecture group,and start offline tour activities,Special invited Jinzhou、Huludao、Taoxian、4 lecturers of different positions from Tieling Branch as the guest of the first stop,I feel that I have seen it through the combination,Tells their respective post stories。"July 1st",Industrial CompanyHold a party member meeting,A commendation of the representative of the "two excellence and one first" in 2023,The responsibility area for the Communist Party、Pioneer Team、Pioneer Engineering Project flag and grant license。July 1,Aiters Company Party CommitteeUnited Academy of Music of Shenyang organized the "promoting excellent traditional culture,赓 Continuous red blood,Celebrate ‘Seven One’ -Special Practice Practice Class。The Party Committee of the Products CompanyOrganized party members to watch the movie "Shen Jilan",I took a vivid patriotic film party lesson for party members and cadres,Further stimulates to see the sage、Promote hero、Striving for the powerful positive energy of pioneer。Supervision Consulting Company Party CommitteeOrganize young party members to carry out "red classic" recitation,Revisiting the years,firm party member listening to the party、Confidence and determination to follow the party。


Facing the new journey,The Group's Party Committee will unite and lead the majority of party members and cadres to unite more closely around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core,Comprehensively implement Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thought with Chinese characteristics,Deep understanding of the decisive significance of "two establishment",Enhance the "Four Consciousness"、firm "Four Confidence"、Get "two maintenance",Keep in mind "the big of the country",Promote the spirit of the great party,Confidence and self -improvement、Shouzheng Innovation,​​Unity Struggle、Framented for Apine,Fighting for the opening of the group's high -quality development pioneer,Contributing to the new breakthrough in Liaoning to achieve a comprehensive revitalization of new breakthroughs。

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