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The Party Committee of the Communications Group organizes party members and leading cadres to visit Shenyang Big Data Warning Education Exhibition Hall
Source: Liaoning Traffic Investment Author: Release time: June 17, 2024 A+A-

May 30,To thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thought with Chinese characteristics,Further strengthen the construction of party style and clean government,According to the party discipline study and education work arrangement of the Party Committee of the Communications Group,Member of the Party Committee of the Communications Group Organization Group、The headquarters of the headquarters is mainly responsible for comrades、Representatives of party branch members of the agency、Party members of the subsidiary, including the party member representatives, dafabet casinodafabet best online betting websiteetc. more than 40 people visited the Shenyang Big Data Warning Education Exhibition Hall,Receive warning education on the spot,Scientific and technological means of effectively experience the intelligent supervision of big data,Building a prison refusal corruption anti -change thought defense line。


The exhibition hall uses modern digital media technical means,Concentrated shows that in recent years, the Shenyang Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervisory Committee is under the leadership of the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and the Municipal Committee,Empowerment with data to promote the "three non -rot",Optimize and upgrade Shenyang Smart Anti -Corruption System,Innovative exploration and vivid practice of promoting high -quality development of disciplinary inspection and supervision work。


Visitors follow the explanation and demonstration of the lecturer,Visit the preface hall in order、dafabet casino"The Road to Exploration"dafabet casino, "Light of Wisdom", "Police of Cases"、The content of the five exhibition areas of the Tail Hall,In -depth understanding of the construction background of the big data supervision platform、Exploring the process、Work results。Use modern digital media technical means,Through a large number of informative pictures、Image、Data and Case,Technology anti -corruption for the Shenyang Big Data Supervision Platform、Data Anti -Corruption、Smart anti -corruption and other functions to perform systematic display。Typical cases of corruption using big data,Alert visitors do not step on the bottom line at all times、Do not touch the red line,Let everyone really appreciate the powerful power and effectiveness of intelligent construction to supervise discipline work,I also deeply realized the determination and courage of the dafabet casinoself -revolutionary spirit of the whole party to carry out the spirit of anti -corruption in the self -revolutionary spirit dafabet live casinodafabet live casinoof "blade" and "scraping bone poison"。The Group will actively use visiting learning results,Continuous effort in advancing the digital transformation of the group,Empower the supervision and governance of the group with big data,Promote high -quality development with new productivity。

Everyone said,To learn profound lessons from the negative case,Constantly strengthen theoretical armed forces,Strengthen discipline learning,Consciously achieve the party constitution and party regulations as "standard ruler",Taking the law of party discipline and state as the "criterion",Further enhanced political fixed force、Disciplinary Determination、Morality、Resisting the decision,The results of party discipline learning and education are transformed into duties to perform their duties、Actual action of responsibility,Always be loyal and clean,Contribute to the Group's high -quality development。

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