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Deputy Secretary -General of the Provincial Government Sun Jiafeng went to the research and guidance of the Beijing -Kazakhstan Reform and expansion project
Source: Liaoning Traffic Investment Author: Release time: June 17, 2024 A+A-

June 12,Deputy Secretary -General of the Provincial Government Sun Jiafeng went to the Beijing -Kazakhstan Reform and Expansion Project Jinzhou Panjin Duan Research Project Construction。Zhang Xincai, Director of the Transportation Service Center of the Provincial Communications Department、Chief Engineer Zu Xiyu,dafabet best online betting websitedafabet best online betting websiteLiu Ximing, Executive Deputy Mayor of Jinzhou City,Cao Jiwei, chief engineer of Traffic Investment Group,Party Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group's Construction Management Company、Executive Director Yang Hongjian accompanied the research。


Sun Jiafeng and his party checked the construction site of Xiao Linghe Extra Bridge,Report of the project construction situation,Detailed understanding of the erection of the overpass and maintenance reinforcement construction、The processing method of the new and old binding part of the road base、Panel Playing Plan、Project Innovation Technology Application、"4+N" joint dafabet best online betting websiteparty branch construction dafabet best online betting websitedafabet best online betting websiteand other aspects of work。

Sun Jiafeng expressed affirmation of the overall progress of the project,Specific requirements for project construction work。His request,dafabet casinoStrengthen the people's governments at all levels、Communication of relevant departments,Accelerate the resolution of the remaining land acquisition and demolition、New service area procedures and other difficult problems;The second isPersist in the red line of safety production,Strict implementation of safety management systems such as safety education and training,Effectively guarantee the safety of construction operators,Make sure the project construction is safe and orderly;Three isStrict control of the entire e -bridge、The progress and quality of the controlled projects such as the Hub Interchange,Make full use of the current golden period of construction to quickly set off a large climax,High -quality and efficient promotion project construction。

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