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The Group successfully hosted the second academic annual meeting for the second time to integrate the academic conference
Source: Liaoning Traffic Investment Author: Release time: June 12, 2024 A+A-

June 6th to 7th,The 2nd Jiao Energy Integration Academic Annual Conference and Technical and Equipment Achievement Exhibition was successfully held in Shenyang。This annual meeting was by the Chinese Highway Society、Liaoning Provincial Transport Group、Co -sponsored by China Energy Construction Group, The China Highway Society is integrated with the development committee,Groups of the Group、Design Institute and other units hosting。Annual Meeting "Convergence Integration and Development,Subject to New Seeking the Future "as the theme,attracted traffic from the whole country、Nearly 500 representatives in the energy industry participated。The participants explored the new technologies that integrated the integrated power、New concept,shows the latest intersection integration equipment and achievements,and exchanged new ideas and new paths to promote the integrated development and development。Chairman of the Chinese Highway Society、Weng Mengyong, former deputy minister dafabet live casinodafabet best online betting websiteof the Ministry of Transport,Deputy Director of the Provincial Department of Transportation Qu Xiangjin,Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group、Chairman Xu Daqing,Zhou Xiaoreng, chief economist of China Energy Construction Group, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech。


Weng Mengyong pointed out in his speech,The importance of integrating development from the high understanding of national strategy,Accelerate the promotion of technological innovation and industrial upgrading,Improve the safety and reliability of the transportation network system。Pay attention to、Research、Promoting the development of related technologies of intersection integration,Strengthen exchanges and cooperation between the industry,Sustainable development of the integration of transportation and energy integration。


Xu Daqing introduced the strategic layout and practical experience of the Liaoning Provincial Communications Group in the new energy field,Emphasize the importance and broad prospects of the development of transportation and energy integration。He pointed out,my country's transportation is entering to accelerate the construction of a strong country of transportation、A new stage of promoting high -quality development,Jiao Energy dafabet best online casinointegration is an important dafabet online sports bettingarea for the cultivation and development of new productive for the cultivation and development of the transportation industry,Its development is far away。Liaoning Communications Group will focus on the "double carbon" strategic goal,Actively practice green development concept,Accelerate the layout of new energy、Application of Clean Energy in the transportation industry。May take this academic annual meeting as an opportunity,Strengthen multi -party cooperation and exchange,Promoting advantageous resource complement,Jointly promote the opening of the intersection integration industry、Great cooperation,To achieve a greener、More fusion、Smart、High -end comprehensive transportation sustainable development makes greater contributions。


At the opening ceremony, a number of new achievements in the field of intersection integration are also released。Group Director He Peitao, on behalf of Liaoning Trading, released the "Liaoning Green Transportation Energy System New Productive Action Plan",Zhongnan Electric Power Design Institute of China Electric Power Engineering Consultant Group released dafabet best online casinothe "Concept of Development of the Demonstration Project of the Shen Da Hydrogen Corridor",Zhongneng Hydrogen Energy Co., Ltd. released the "Concept of Development of Sustainable Fuel Production and Supply Base"。


After the results of the results,Group and China can sign a strategic cooperation agreement。


Conference setting the main report link,and hold key technologies and core equipment innovation at the same time、Development model and path innovation two special forums。The former deputy director of the Highway Bureau of the Ministry of Transport, Wang Tai, took the title "Digital Transformation of Highway and the Construction of Smart Highway",Director Liu Jie, director of the Institute of Planning and Research Institute of the Ministry of Transport, takes the title of "Practice and Countermeasures for the Integration of Integrated Energy Integration",Beijing Communications University、Professor Jia Limin of North China University of Electric Power University takes the topic of "Discussion on Several Issues of Traffic Energy Integration and Development",Zhang Xinan, senior manager of the Strategy and Enterprise Management Department of COSCO Shipping Group, made the main report on the "Report on the Construction of Green Monol Industry Chain";、High -proportion new energy development scene and flexible DC equipment technology practice、Jiao energy fusion innovation technology under the perspective of the new energy system release report。



This annual meeting also concentrated dafabet online sports bettingexhibitions showing a batch of high technical dafabet online sports bettingcontent in the field of intersection integration,wide application,Achievement equipment with obvious benefits; during the conference, participating representatives inspected Liaoning Traffic Investment and Transfer Energy to integrate low -carbon new industrial parks,Related enterprises complete the intention of entering the park。


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