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Zhang Shuli, general manager of the Group's highway operation and management company, went to the construction site of the highway road maintenance and renovation project for construction.
Source: Liaoning Traffic Investment Author: Release time: July 09, 2024 A+A-

Recent,The Group's Highway Operation Management Company (hereinafter referred to as "Operation Company") Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee、Directors、General Manager Zhang Shuli led the team to Panjin、Anshan、Liaoyang and other areas,Research on the construction of the highway road maintenance and renovation project in the province's 2024 highway。

Zhang Shuli went dafabet live casinoto Panhaiying High Speed、Shen Da High Speed、Danhai high -speed road maintenance and maintenance project site,Observation Panhai Camp High Speed ​​3D milling、Waiting test section,Examine the construction paragraph of the rubber asphalt ultra -thin grinding layer of Shen Da's high speed,and carefully understand the application of fine separation equipment and factory mixing。

Zhang Shuli affirmed the overall operation of the road maintenance and transformation project in 2024,and emphasize,2024 pavement maintenance and transformation of nearly 4000 lane kilometers,Heavier tasks,Project Headquarters、Each participating unit has a major responsibility,To compact responsibilities,While doing a good job dafabet online sports bettingof construction operations,Focus on strengthening safety guarantee work,He emphasizes,One must scientific organization、Precise policy、Reasonable arrangement project implementation plan,Make sure the vitamin renovation project is completed in 2024; second, we must adhere to the comprehensive maintenance concept,Taking the national modern maintenance project of Danhai Project as the starting point,In -depth practice of intensive maintenance concepts,A maintenance of one repair is in place,Enhance the conditions of the road in all directions; third, we must focus on creating a demonstration project for maintenance and maintenance projects,Focus on Shen Da、Panhaiying and other maintenance items,To be refined in construction、dafabet online sports bettingSafety standardization,Establish a maintenance and renovation project standard;,To promote the "green、Energy -saving、Environmental Protection "will go to a new level to further consolidate the foundation。

Member of the Party Committee of the Operation Company、Deputy General Manager Zhang Qijin,Relevant staff of the Maintenance Management Center,Panjin、Anshan、The person in charge of the Liaoyang Branch and the responsible persons in charge of the maintenance project participated in the survey。





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