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The Group's Highway Operation Management Company won the award in the National Network anchor Contest
Source: Liaoning Traffic Investment Author: Release time: July 09, 2024 A+A-

In order to further enhance the ability of the national transportation industry,Promote the work experience of learning and exchange new media in various provinces,China Traffic Newspaper Association organized the "National Traffic Industry Network anchor Contest",The competition lasted half a year,Divided into the preliminary round、Section、Three stages of the finals。Many anchors selected by the Group's operating companies have passed the level and chopped,Submitted by the work、On -site appearance、Live display and other dafabet casinolinks,A total of 10 people successfully advanced to the final,7 of them performed outstandingly in the finals,Won the "Top Ten" and "Excellent" anchor award。Among them: Provincial company anchor Hao Yan、Cui Haoming, anchor of high -speed company Cui Haoming, won the honorary title of the "Top Ten anchors",Provincial anchor Yan Dantan、Panjin Branch anchor Jia Wei、Zhang Hua, anchor of Dandong Branch、The anchor of the customer service branch Hu Xinyu、Yao Lili won the honorary title of "Excellent anchor"。

This competition is the first new media anchor contest organized by the national transportation industry,It is the publicity work of the transportation industry in the new era "Building an online Internet" to create a "all -media type、Expert -type talent "specific practice and innovation platform。

2020,Operations company through dafabet best online casinofast hands、Douyin and other new media platforms,Build a provincial company、Branch、Personal Government Certification Anchor Ichiers Three Media Matrix。For a few years,The company follows the pace of development of the new media,Actively change thinking、Advanced the situation,Always adhere to the service concept of "the starting point of serving the people's good behavior of all work",Working around the company center,Serving the overall situation through the network platform、Deeple to the masses、Communication content、Enhanced interaction、Establish image。Current,User of the full account of new media of operating companies、Fans reach more than 23 million,Registered in the anchor 115,With short video、Live and other methods to carry out policy interpretation、Travel guidance、Minsheng response、dafabet best online betting websiteInformation consulting、ETC services and other content promotion and popularization,Effectively opened up the "cloud" sound and network service channel,Win the attention and recognition of the general public。

The operating company will start with honor as the starting point,Accelerate the existing new media platform,Application new technology、Integrated new platform,Constructing the company's full media communication pattern,Transfer positive energy good sound、Strengthen media service functions、Meet the needs of users,A comprehensive improvement of the level of media information communication and the ability of public opinion guidance,Build the melting media platform into "Lian people's heart、Ground Gust information hub、"Air" Station。

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