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"Enterprise and Media Lien" helps public travel services to upgrade
Source: Liaoning Traffic Investment Author: Release time: July 09, 2024 A+A-

Since the implementation of the Jingha Expression and Expansion Project,Group highway operation management company (hereinafter referred to as "operating company") attaches great importance to public travel information service guarantee work,Through Panjin、Jinzhou and Huludao Three City Traffic Broadcasting Station establishes close cooperation relationships,Provide travel guidance and timely for the public on the dafabet live casinosection of the conversion and expansion of the traffic、Accurate road conditions information。To make traffic broadcast workers more intuitive understanding the dafabet live casinoreconstruction and expansion situation,Recent,Operations companies invite the Three places Rong Media Development Group and the Traffic Broadcasting Program Group to enter the Joint Command Center of Jingha Expression and Expansion Joint Command Center for visiting activities。

Traffic broadcasting workers follow the staff's guidance and explanation to enter the Lianzhi Center,Visit the seventh contract of the seventh contract of the seventh+n combined party branch、VR Security Experience Hall and Lianzhi Center Hall,Detailed understanding of Jingha's high -speed dafabet live casinoreconstruction and expansion of traffic organizations and construction processes at various stages,and "Jingha Expansion and Expansion Combat Command System" operation process,I have more intuitive understanding of this "great arteries",I have a deeper understanding of the construction and management of the Beijing -Kazakh Highway。

In the discussion and exchange,Traffic broadcasting workers shared their experience and feelings when they reported to the Shenshan section of Jingha high -speed high -speed speed,How can the two sides better serve the public travel、Improve traffic operation efficiency for in -depth exchanges,and reached a consensus on further strengthening cooperation。Consensus,It will make full use of the real -time nature dafabet best online casinoof traffic broadcast、Broadness and interaction and other advantages,Establish an information sharing mechanism,Deepen communication and collaboration,Plan the best route for the public for the public,Effectively reduce the traffic accident rate,Help Jingha's high -speed dafabet live casinoreconstruction and expansion construction safe and smooth implementation。





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