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The group's subordinate supervision and counseling company holds the first member congress of the union for the union
Source: Liaoning Traffic Investment Author: Release time: June 20, 2024 A+A-

June 14,Liaoning Investment Supervisory Advisory Consulting Co., Ltd. The First Member Congress of the Trade Union of the Trade Union was held。Company Party Committee Secretary、Chairman Qu Ye attended the meeting and made an important speech。The meeting is deputy secretary of the party committee、General Manager Liu Shoujun hosted,Members of the company's leadership team and 56 member representatives from the company attended the meeting。


Election of the Conference: Comrade Wu Yongfu was elected dafabet best online betting websitedafabet live casinoChairman of the First Committee of the Company Trade Union,Comrade Li Jun was elected vice chairman of the first committee of the company's trade union,Comrade Zhu Xiaodi was elected director of the first funds review committee of the company's union; Comrade Zhang Yang was elected director of the first female employee committee of the company's union。

Company Party Committee Secretary、Chairman Qu Yan congratulates the convening of the conference and the newly elected members of the elected members,He pointed out,The convening of the first member congress of the company union,For comprehensive deepening corporate reform,Follow the Group's footsteps to help the company create first -class performance,Continue to strengthen the work of the party building and group of state -owned enterprises,It has very important significance。He put forward three requirements for the company's trade union work in the future:dafabet best online casinoTo thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping's thoughts of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era,Adhere to the party's leadership of the union work,Surrounding the center,service overall,Actively guide the majority of employees to enhance the consciousness of the owner,To effectively raise understanding,firmly grasp the correct direction of the work of the union in the new era;The second isContinuously strengthen the construction of the union itself,Enhance the ability of service employees,Practice the bridge of the union effectively、Bond function,Enhance the political nature of the union organization、advanced and mass;Three isWe must fully protect the democratic rights and status of employees,Effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the majority of employees,Effectively give full play to the role of the union's "mother"。


Deputy General Manager of the Company、The newly elected chairman of the union Wu Yongfu made a statement on the closing ceremony。Further unity leads the majority of cadres and employees,Focusing on the overall development of the company,Grasp the political direction of the work union,Perform the union responsibility according to law,Serving the staff and the masses wholeheartedly; vigorously strengthen the construction of the union cadre team,Promote various tasks to a new level。


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